Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore
Coaching for Performance, 5th Edition
by John Whitmore
5th Edition, 232 pages
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Coaching for Performance was the first book I (Tony) ever read as a coach, and I still think it is one of the best. John Whitmore was one of the first practitioners in the coaching field, and his book reflects that experience. It is a top-rated, practical business coaching guide written in a coaching style.

Following an excellent introduction to the coaching approach, the guts of Coaching for Performance is an in-depth look at the "GROW" conversational model, a widely used blueprint for structuring a coaching conversation (GROW stands for Goal, Reality Check, Options, Will). Starting with the goal, Whitmore shows you how to walk a coachee through evaluating his or her starting point, developing options and solutions, and then creating actions to accomplish that goal. With tips, example questions and sample dialogue for each step, this definitive guide will quickly have you coaching people to clarity and action.

Perfect for beginners or for practicing coaches, this bestselling handbook will help you master key skills of the coaching model and "unlock people's potential to maximize their own performance."

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Asking Profound Questions (formerly Asking to Win) by Bob Biehl
Asking Profound Questions (formerly "Asking to Win")
by Bobb Biehl
31 pages

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In this out-of-print, compact, high-impact booklet, Bobb Biehl, a well-known speaker and life- and business planning consultant, has captured over 100 jewels from his own experience of asking profound questions. A great question can transform your life. The booklet also contains samples of several planning tools and rules of thumb for asking, planning and deciding.

Bob Biehl's questions run the gamut from career change to brainstorming to organizing to problem solving. It's a great pocket resource for Christian coaches seeking to improve their asking skills or find examples of life-changing questions. Great questions help us to think through a variety of options.

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Finding Your Place on the Calling Journey

Excerpted from The Calling Journey by Tony Stoltzfus

It always makes me a little nervous to travel without a road map. Turn-by-turn directions don't do it for me: I want to visualize where I am going. Once I can see the route in my mind and know where the important turns are, I am much more confident that I won't get lost.

The journey to your calling is like that. By looking at the paths of fellow travelers, you'll get a big-picture view of the road you are taking. Comparing your story to theirs will offer amazing insights into how different events in your life fit into God's plan for your development, in the same way that a road map lets you visualize the twists and turns on a cross-country trip.

The first thing you'll probably notice when you look at the calling timeline is how bumpy and windy the road is. This map is very different from popular images of "following your call." The glamorous journey we imagine our heroes traveled—an ever-onward-and-upward path that (if we make the right choices) leads in a few short years to our full release—exists mostly in our imagination. The actual road is anything but straight, and it takes decades to walk it. Wilderness seasons, valleys, even being ejected from long-time roles are as much a part of the plan as great victories, golden opportunities and demonstrations of God's power...

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