powerful questions coaching visionaries by tony stoltzfus
Powerful Questions: Coaching Visionaries
by Tony Stoltzfus
77 min. audio + handouts
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Powerful Questions: Coaching Visionaries offers advanced skills training for aspiring leadership coaches or those who are already certified. This disc includes input on several advanced techniques for coaching leaders toward a vision. Each skill is then demonstrated in extended, live coaching sessions, with leaders who dream about changing the world.

Visionaries often get stuck in the pursuit of their dreams when they come up against the limitations of their own strengths and weaknesses. You'll earn to coach visionaries around these obstacles with three powerful asking approaches that remove limitations:

- A Strengths Inventory helps the leader think through what they bring to the visionary task and where they need help.
- Crafting Your Ideal Role lets a visionary create a role that really fits and bring others into the areas they are made to do.
- Make or Break Factors assesses the visionary's readiness, and is a great technique for coaching younger leaders to keep moving forward aggressively when the fulfillment of their dream is a ways off.

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Finding Your Place on the Calling Journey

Excerpted from The Calling Journey by Tony Stoltzfus

It always makes me a little nervous to travel without a road map. Turn-by-turn directions don't do it for me: I want to visualize where I am going. Once I can see the route in my mind and know where the important turns are, I am much more confident that I won't get lost.

The journey to your calling is like that. By looking at the paths of fellow travelers, you'll get a big-picture view of the road you are taking. Comparing your story to theirs will offer amazing insights into how different events in your life fit into God's plan for your development, in the same way that a road map lets you visualize the twists and turns on a cross-country trip.

The first thing you'll probably notice when you look at the calling timeline is how bumpy and windy the road is. This map is very different from popular images of "following your call." The glamorous journey we imagine our heroes traveled—an ever-onward-and-upward path that (if we make the right choices) leads in a few short years to our full release—exists mostly in our imagination. The actual road is anything but straight, and it takes decades to walk it. Wilderness seasons, valleys, even being ejected from long-time roles are as much a part of the plan as great victories, golden opportunities and demonstrations of God's power...

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The Business Coaching Toolkit
Top 10 Strategies for Solving the Toughest Dilemmas Facing Organizations

by Stephen Fairley and Bill Zipp

230 pages, hardback

Equipping coaches to stay on the cutting-edge of their craft, The Business Coaching Toolkit expertly provides a collection of application-based, proven tools that present creative solutions to the challenges of today's workplace. You’ll discover ten of the best coaching practices for solving business and leadership problems with clients—right away.
This hands-on guide offers tools for:

  • Assessing the five life tasks every individual longs to complete
  • Discovering the deeper meaning of vision and tie goals into the client's core values
  • Building core skills in delegation, feedback, and affirmation.
  • Guiding clients through a comprehensive analysis of their current situation

The Business Coaching Toolkit presents a valuable supply of straightforward exercises designed to bring a new dimension to every professional coach's practice.

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Co-Active Coaching by Kimsey-House and Sandahl
Co-active Coaching (3rd edition)
by Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kinsey-House and Richard Sandahl
228 pages

Co-Active Coaching is a pioneering coaching book that focuses primarily on the coaching relationship, envisioning it as a collaborative partnership between coach and client. In this influential model, the coach and client working together identify areas for development, both in the business and personal realms. A great value-add that comes with the Co-Active Coachingbook is a we-based "coach's toolkit" with dozens of coaching dialogues and examples, exercises to hone your coaching technique, coaching worksheets, and various forms to use with your clients.

This updated edition also extends the Co-Active model, developed for coach and client and coach, into a management tool for an entire organization. This powerful process of communication provides a framework for everyone in an organization to develop strong teams and work together effectively.

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coaching transitions by tony stoltzfus
Coaching Transitions
by Tony Stoltzfus
127 min. audio + handouts & exercises
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Major transitions are often seasons of frustration, difficulty and loss. The in-between times when we've lost the old thing and haven't yet moved into the new are difficult to navigate. How do you coach a leader through a major transition?

This two-disc coach training set from master trainer Tony Stoltzfus demonstrates transformational coaching techniques for helping coachees engage God's purposes for their growth in major life transitions. Starting with the idea that in transitions God births in you the character needed to reach your destiny, Tony shows how to connect times of suffering and difficulty to God's purposes, with several powerful Christian coaching tools based on Romans 8:28. This CD set provides teaching on understanding transitions, plus advanced Christian coach training for aspiring or practicing coaches. Handouts and exercises are included.

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Becoming a Professional Life Coach by Williams and Menendez
Becoming a Professional Life Coach
by Patrick Williams & Diane Menendez
349 pages, hardcover

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This excellent read by Pat Williams, a leader in the life coaching movement, provides plenty of interesting tools for experienced coaches as well as an introduction to life coaching for newcomers to the field. It's a good choice for professional counselors who want to become life coaches. The book draws on the wisdom of years of collective experience that have gone into designing the curriculum for the Institute for Life Coach Training. This curriculum has trained therapists and psychologists around the world to add coaching to their current businesses. Becoming a Professional Life Coach presents the essential elements of life coaching through emphasizing the tools and practical exercises coaches use to help others find and follow their life purpose. The book includes sections on basic coaching practices, advanced techniques like endorsing and reframing, life purpose and values discovery, and changing mindsets and attitudes.

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The Dream Manager
by Matthew Kelly
207 pages

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Beginning with his important thought that a company can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that its employees are becoming better-versions-of-themselves, Matthew Kelly explores the connection between the dreams we are chasing personally and the way we all engage at work. Tackling head-on the growing problem of employee disengagement, Kelly explores the dynamic collaboration that is unleashed when people work together to achieve company objectives and personal dreams.

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Training with DISC
by Jason Hedge
185 pages
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Are you preparing to lead your 1st DISC workshop? This book has what you need. It contains instructions on leading an introductory training on DISC, 30 team building exercises, sample workshop schedules and helpful tricks, links and tips to confidently lead your first workshop. Are you a seasoned DISC Workshop veteran looking for new activities? This book has what you need, too. It contains new games and exercises to spice up your workshop and involve your participants in an engaging and fulfilling way. Each activity is broken out into sections that will help you easily roll them out with exciting results each and every time.

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Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore
Coaching for Performance, 5th Edition
by John Whitmore
5th Edition, 232 pages
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Coaching for Performance was the first book I (Tony) ever read as a coach, and I still think it is one of the best. John Whitmore was one of the first practitioners in the coaching field, and his book reflects that experience. It is a top-rated, practical business coaching guide written in a coaching style.

Following an excellent introduction to the coaching approach, the guts of Coaching for Performance is an in-depth look at the "GROW" conversational model, a widely used blueprint for structuring a coaching conversation (GROW stands for Goal, Reality Check, Options, Will). Starting with the goal, Whitmore shows you how to walk a coachee through evaluating his or her starting point, developing options and solutions, and then creating actions to accomplish that goal. With tips, example questions and sample dialogue for each step, this definitive guide will quickly have you coaching people to clarity and action.

Perfect for beginners or for practicing coaches, this bestselling handbook will help you master key skills of the coaching model and "unlock people's potential to maximize their own performance."

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Coaching Changes Everything
by Luciano Lombardi
147 pages

Are you managing people? Wondering if you should hire a coach? This relevant manual, Coaching Changes Everything: Make Coaching Part of Your Leadership Behaviour, by Canadian author, Luciano Lombardi, has a whole section (pp. 208 – 230) chock full of tips. He gives techniques to use when there appears to be no options and how to handle sensitive issues in ways that avoid backlash. Whether you’re looking for help as a parent or for some coaching inspiration, within these pages you’ll find practical steps that show honor and seek to building relational capital in the relationships you value.

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