Faith Coaching by Chad Hall, Bill Copper Kathleen McElveen

Faith Coaching

By Chad Hall, Bill Copper and Kathleen McElveen

207 pages
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For too long, Christians have taken a delivery approach to spiritual formation: we memorize key verses and snappy concepts to spring on our un-churched neighbors; we provide fill-in-the-blank study courses for believers who want to grow in faith; we strive to tell, teach and transfer what we know.

But there's a better approach. By using a conversational, coaching approach to spiritual formation, you can open wide the doors that help others expand their commitment to Christ. Easy to learn and to apply, the concepts in Faith Coaching help you to leverage the power of coaching conversations to help people find and follow a genuine spiritual path. Price $14.95

  • Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
  • Introduction: What Does Coaching Have to do with Faith?
  • 1: What is Coaching?
  • 2: Why Is Our Culture Open to a Coach Approach to Faith Formation?
  • 3: How Do I Start with a Coaching Mindset?
  • 4: What Skills Do I Need in Order to Coach?
  • 5: What Does a Coaching Conversation Look Like?
  • 6: What Are Some Faith Coaching Topics?
  • 7: Where Would We Go to Explore Options?
  • 8: What Kinds of Actions Lead to Moving Forward in Faith?
  • 9: Whom Would I Coach?
  • 10: How Can a Church Create a Coaching Culture?
  • 11: Whats My Next Step and How Do I Take It?
  • Appendix A: Where Can I Go for Help?
  • Appendix B: What is a Theology of Coaching?

About the Author

Chad Hall, PCC, is a former pastor and church planter who has trained hundreds of Christian coaches and coached ministry leaders from across the continent. After a stint as an internal coach for S.A.S. Institute, he became the Director of Coaching at Western Seminary in Portland, OR. Chad is co-founder of Coach Approach Ministries and the co-author of Coaching for Christian Leaders.

Bill Copper is a Certified Coach and the Director of Hollifield Leadership Center in North Carolina. He runs the Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching program for the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and is also an adjunct faculty member at Western Seminary in Portland, OR.

Kathryn McElveen is a Certified Coach and President of inVision Ventures, a company that offers leadership coaching, training and collaborative design services. She has served as a pastor, spiritual retreat leader and church consultant in the United Methodist Church, primarily in the Southeast. Kathryn holds an M.Div. from Duke University and is an ordained elder in the UMC's Western North Carolina Conference.

Reader Feedback

What People Are Saying
"This book is simply the sine qua non for anyone serious about faith coaching.
- Leonard Sweet, Drew Theological School, George Fox University

"Faith Coaching is written for people who want to help others move forward in their faith journeys. Throughout the book, the authors reveal their passion for Christ, their hearts for evangelism and discipleship, and their love of coaching. Combining all three, this book applies coaching to the development of faith, to the glory of God."
-Linda Miller (MCC), Global Liaison for Coaching, Ken Blanchard Companies

"While I expected to learn new ways to impact others through coaching, Faith Coaching has also been life-giving and faith-building for me personally. Written in a very personable style, sharing a theology of coaching, and offering numerous case studies, Im sure this will become a trusted resource for many who want to incorporate a coach approach to their life ministry. Im grateful to the authors: Chad, Bill and Kathryn, for their inspiration through the pages of this book to strengthen my own faith journey by coaching others on theirs.
- Jane Creswell (MCC), Managing Director, Purdue University Organizational Leadership Development Lab