LMI Foundations of Coaching Course

The Foundations of Coaching course, led by LMI's coaching director Dave Smith, introduces you to the fundamental disciplines, skills and heart of Christian coaching. Based on the widely-used book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, it teaches the basics of the coaching approach: goals-setting, action-planning, the coaching funnel model of a conversation, active listening, and the powerful asking techniques all coaches use. While required for those pursuing the LMI Coaching the Heart Certification, it is also a great fit for those who just want to pick up more of the basic skills that form the backdrop to LMI's core workshops.

The 12, 90 minute sessions are delivered by phone over 12 weeks, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. You'll enjoy interacting with others on the same journey as you are, practicing what you are learning with a peer partner, and listen to live and recorded coaching demos that show you what you are reading about.

Required Books
Required books for the Foundations of Coaching course are Leadership Coaching and Coaching Questions, both by Tony Stoltzfus, which can be purchased here.

Price $429.00