Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden

Get Clients Now!

Get Clients Now!

A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants
by C. J. Hayden

239 pages Rating:

Get Clients Now! is an excellent guide to selling your services as an independent coach or consultant. To make an income as a coach depends as much on your marketing ability as it does on your coaching skills. This book will give you a crash course on marketing, focused on the kind of referral approaches that research has shown actually work in the coaching field. In addition to helping you develop a month-long action plan to jump-start your practice, the book covers:

- Which marketing approaches really work
- Developing a selling system with an action plan that works for you
- Strategies for finding more prospective clients
- Practical techniques for closing the sale and converting more prospects to clients

The book helps you identify where your efforts to fill your practice are breaking down, and provides practical tips for addressing the most common problems.

About the Author

C. J. HAYDEN (San Francisco, CA) is a Certified Professional & Personal Coach, author and a popular speaker. She leads Wings Business Coaching, a firm that helps train coaches and independent professionals to make more with less effort. Price $19.95
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Reader Feedback

Part I: The Set-Up
  1. What Really Works? Effective Marketing Strategies
  2. Where Do You Start? The Marketing and Sales Cycle
  3. Where are You Headed? Setting Your Sales and Marketing Goal

Part II: The System
  4. What's Stopping You? Selecting Your Success Ingredients
  5. Here's What to Do: Choosing from the Action Plan Menu
  6. You're Ready... Let's Go! Putting the System Into Action

Part III: The Strategies
  7. Filling the Pipeline: When You Don't Know Enough People to Contact
  8. Following Up: When You Know Plenty of People But You're Not Contacting Them
  9. Getting Presentations: When You're Contacting People but not Getting Appointments
  10. Closing Sales: When You Are Making Appointments but not Getting Sales