Gifting and Personality Type Resources for Coaches

Personality type--like Myers Briggs (MBTI) or DISC--is one of the most important skills in a coach's toolkit. Having a framework that describes human giftings, strengths and personalities is the key to treating people as unique individuals. Following are our best-reviewed, top-rated personality type resources.
Myers-Briggs Personality Type - the MBTI
Type Talk
by Otto Kroeger and Janet Thuesen
290 pages
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If you want to learn the Myers-Briggs Personality type system (or MBTI), Type Talk is the book we highly recommend. The MBTI is the most well-validated and research personality type system in existence (I have a whole catalog just of books written on the MBTI). Originally based on the pscyhological research by C.G. Jung, and used in government, business and academia around the world, the Myers-Briggs uses four "dichotomies" (or preferences toward certain behavior) we make that define how we think and act. This book includes sections on each dichotomy to help you identify your type, a rich section on "function pairs" that have their own characteristics, and a section with a several page description of each of the 16 types. I often use that last section to help people nail down which type they best identify with. As an introduction to the MBTI and a resource for coaching with it, this book is peerless.

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Conflict Coaching

by Tony Stoltzfus

"I'm so frustrated with Bob. Every time I float an idea he throws cold water on. "What about this?" and "why do we have to" that! He's nothing but an objection machine. It takes all the air out of the room, but nobody will stand up and tell him to dial it back. I just don't know what to do."

It's a common situation for a coach. The coachee comes to an appointment in a conflict, and wants help dealing with it. The challenge is that as coaches, we donít want to give advice or coach the person who isn't in the room--in other words, it's hard to mediate a conflict when only one person is there. So how do you help the client move forward?

First, you have to clarify the goal. At one level they are asking you to solve the problem, but usually the solution they have in mind (or, more accurately, in their emotions) is to reinforce their own rightness and get the other person to change. In other words...

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Training with DISC by Jason Hedge
Training with DISC
by Jason Hedge
185 pages
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If you are getting ready to lead your first DISC workshop or want to up your game when you do your next one, this book is for you. In addition to answering your questions about offering an introductory DISC training, it features 30 interactive team building exercises that will get people laughing and deeply engaged as they see how DISC characteristics play out in the people around them. You'll also get workshop schedules, tips and tricks, links to on-line info, and more to confidently lead your first workshop.

For seasoned DISC presenters, this book offers fun, interactive new games and exercises that increase engagement and learning. Games cover communication styles, conflict, change, what we value, leadership, managing people and other popular topics. Make your best even better with the Training with DISC workbook!

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Essential DISC Training Workbook by Jason Hedge
The Essential DISC Training Workbook
by Jason Hedge
Foreword by Danny Silk
120 pages
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Created as a companion to the DISC Profile Assessment, The Essential DISC Training Workbook will help you understand and apply the results of your DISC assessment. The DISC Assessment describes your personality style and the behaviors it creates. Different DISC behavioral types communicate differently, act differently in conflict, at work or in relationships, and want different things out of life. This workbook explains the four primary behavioral types and their variations, with over 100 pages of information and exercises to help you to know yourself better and understand why those around you act the way they do.

Included in this workbook is a FREE mini-assessment to introduce you to your own personal style. To get a full assessment with much more detail, e-mail us at Info@Coach22.com and ask for the link (we can't publish it here, unfortunately).

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DISC Assessment and report
Disc Assessment and Report Info

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A DISC Assessment from Coach22 is a great tool as well as a great bargain. You take a scientifically-validated on-line assessment, from which you will receive a personalized 25-page report on your DISC type. The report tells you what motivates your type, what energizes and de-energizes you, what kind of work environment you flourish in, and much more. Interpretation instructions and action items are also included to help you make the most of what you learn about your personality type. If you want to become more self-aware about your innate design, this DISC tool does the trick.

Call us direct at 530-710-4005 or E-mail us at Info@Coach22.com for pricing and a link to take the assessment.

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