Jealous of Your Beauty by Tony Stoltzfus

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Jealous of Your Beauty DVD

by Tony Stoltzfus
video, 25 minutes

Why does the enemy spend so much effort trying to tell women they are not beautiful? Why is he so invested in creating an impossible body image and tearing women down? The answer will surprise you!

In this short teaching video, Tony Stoltzfus reveals the motive behind this war on women and shows how you can fight back--or even laugh at it!

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About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is also a master coach and coach trainer who has helped found two coach coach training schools, created 20 training courses, trained hundreds of professional coaches and coached hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders. His cutting-edge training programs are highly interactive, using experiences and relationships as the basis for transformational learning. Tony is the author of ten books on coaching and leadership, and specializes in working with 'senior leaders in painful transitions.' He is currently the director of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute.