These handpicked leadership books for coaches and coaching clients are ones you'll use over and over when working with personal and organizational leadership issues.

A Career in Coaching Ministry Leaders

by Tony Stoltzfus

Many Christian coaches or coaches in training want to coach pastors or ministry leaders as part of their practice. How do you get into this niche? And what makes a successful ministry coach? Here are some answers.

The number one thing you need to know about ministry coaching is that it is all about networking. Because ministry is by nature relational (it is about producing people, not a product), ministry leaders tend to heavily favor resources that come to them through their network of relationships.

There are many different philosophies of ministry and value systems in this arena. In addition, bringing in someone with different values or a character problem can cause conflicts or relational fallout that is very costly to a ministry organization. Therefore, most ministry leaders want a recommendation from someone or some organization they know and trust before they will sign on for coaching or training. Itís all about who you know. So before you launch into this niche with high hopes, ask yourself: do I have an existing network of relationships with ministry leaders who know and trust me that I can leverage to meet others? If you donít know many pastors, or you arenít involved in ministry in a way that will give you significant exposure, building a ministry coaching practice will be an uphill climb...

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The Making of a Leader by Robert Clinton
The Making of a Leader
by J. Robert Clinton
272 pages
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If you coach leaders, you'll want this book, because it explains what's going on in leaders' livesin terms of what God is doing to prepare them for their destiny. It's a classic work on the stages of leadership development, where Clinton names God's processes in each life stage and shows you how to respond to them. If you are in the middle of a career change, a significant move, or sense a season of change coming in your life, this wonderful handbook will help you and your coach maximize God's work in you in the midst of change. The Making of a Leader should be in every leadership coach's library.

The book isolates the key patterns you'll see over and over in the lives of the leaders you coach. Through studying hundreds of historical, biblical and present-day leaders, Clinton has identified six stages of leadership development. For each stage, he has documented the processes and events God leverages to build character in us. The transitional seasons between each stage are examined in depth, to help you recognize key indicators of where a leader is in his or her development.

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God Meant It for Good by R.T. Kendall
God Meant It for Good
by R.T. Kendall
318 pages
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God Meant It For Good is an excellent primer in how to view life from Heaven's Perspective--a skill that is a must for any coach who wants to effectively coach others through difficult transitions or experiences of suffering. The author examines each stage of Joseph's life from youth onward, focusing on how he learns to forgive, trust God as vindicator and live above his own experiences of betrayal and being falsely accused. God Meant It for Good offers a beautiful window into the ways of God--the processes Father uses to bring leaders to maturity.

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