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Life-on-Life Leadership


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This coaching manual is divided into sections (one for each principle) that cover the leadership skills needed to develop group members to maturity and raise up leaders. Each section includes:

  • An exercise for understanding the underlying principle
  • An assessment for seeing how that principle is being applied in group life
  • A coaching worksheet for creating the goal and subsequent actions (a growth plan)
  • Several coaching application exercises (ready-made action steps) to build into your growth plan
    • Using the Manual

      Below are suggestions on how to get the most out of this manual in different contexts:

      Group Leader and Coach
      In coaching situations, the manual is used to assess where the leader is at in all eight areas using assessment A.1 or the “Outcomes” exercises (x.2). Then they choose which area to focus on and develop a unique growth goal (using the “Coaching Encounter” exercise x.8) using the tools and exercises in the manual to move things forward.

      Classroom Setting for Group Leaders
      In a classroom setting, participants read one chapter per week of The Master Plan of Evangelism, and in their personal study time answer the questions on the first page of each section (x.1). When they come to class, the instructors facilitate an interactive time where participants might hear expanded teaching on the principle and/or go through several of the application exercises to implement it in their ministry.

      Group Leader with Peer
      Outside of the classroom, peer leaders covenant to go through the manual together, reading the book and selecting exercises to apply to their own group. Both leaders benefit from the encouragement and accountability they provide for each other.

      A Coaching Toolkit
      This manual contains a wealth of resources that coaches can draw from to coach any leader to his or her full potential. You’ll find tools here that you’ll use again and again whenever you coach ministry leaders.

      What People Are Saying
      “What a delight to receive in the mail those copies of Eight Principles for Life-on-Life Leadership. It is a beautiful work. You have surely produced a tremendously useful manual for building and discipling leaders. I am honored and humbled to see how you used The Master Plan of Evangelism. My prayer is that through this training an ever enlarging group of workers will go forth into the waiting harvest.
      Robert E. Coleman, author of The Master Plan of Evangelism

      "I can't wait to sit down with this manual and really dig in."

      "It is a great tool to use with my coach."

      "Very clear, practical, and broken into manageable sections."

      About the Authors
      Cheryl Baker is the Director of Women's Ministries and Leadership Development at Perimeter Church in Duluth, Georgia. She is a leadership coach and author of several women's bible studies. Her life mission is to invest in the lives of those who go and do likewise.

      Tony Stoltzfus is an author, leadership trainer, professional coach, and co-founder of a large Christian coach training school He's written the coaching how-to Leadership Coaching, as well as numerous training courses, CDs and DVDs. For more by this author, click here.