listen to my life facilitator's guide download

Listen to My Life Facilitator's Guide (Download)

Listen to My Life: Facilitator's Guide

By Rebecca Madden
PDF download, 37 pages

Use the Listen to My Life Facilitator's Guide to offer this powerful life-mapping experience as a course or workshop. This guide employs the visual maps in Listen to My Life in 11 interactive sessions that help people understand the patterns and purpose of God in developing them for their destiny. It's divided into several sections, covering Life Stories, a review of the seasons of your life, your Desires and the life Rhythms that you flourish best in. Each sections can stand alone; or you can combine them to make a longer course. For each session, we've included facilitator's outlines and participant handouts. General hints on setting up and successfully running Listen to My Life courses are also included.

While designed for women's groups, the course can be used for mixed or male groups with a few changes to the outlines. This Guide includes ground rules for discussions, a guide to listening well and instructions for starting a Listen to My Life group in your neighborhood or church.

The guide calls for some additional materials (books and DVDs to supplement what is in the workbook), although with a little effort you could replace them. The schedule is fairly flexible, built around two hour sessions. However, be aware that the larger the group, the more sessions you may need to allow everyone adequate time to share their story. Price $9.95