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Listen to My Life

Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story
By Sibyl Towner and Sharon Swing
40 pages, 11" x 17" format
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This unique visual tool, written from a biblical perspective, uses visual maps to help you explore the truth that God created you for a purpose and helps you invite Him into the process of reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to walk with Him into the future. Using ancient Christian spiritual practices and coaching questions, the authors help you reflect on your inner desires and find the hand of God in daily life. This guide is prayerful, biblical and designed to draw the user toward God through exploring key questions about purpose.

You'll map out key life purpose indicators like your peak experiences, desires and longings, and the life rhythms that energize you and give you life, all in a fun and easy-to-understand visual format. A Facilitator's Guide is also available for leading a group discovery process using this workbook. If you'd like to buy in bulk, call for special group pricing.

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Table of Contents

Description of Key Maps

  • 1: My Life Now. Here you reflect on where you are at now and begin to think about what you want to change.
  • 2: My Life Story. Recording the ups and downs of your journey on a time line offers perspective on your story.
  • 3: Peak Experiences. Explores the great things that have happened in your life and what they mean.
  • 4: Valley Experiences. Helps you tune into the impact of difficult experiences and let go.
  • 5: Reviewing My Days. An exercise based on the practice of the Examen of Consciousness you can do over and over to become more aware of God's work in your daily journey.
  • 6: Desires & Longings. Recording the desires of your heart and what you long for in different areas of life.
  • 7: Life Giving Rhythms. Mapping the ways you can become more aware of God's presence every moment.
  • 8: Following Forward. A place to synthesize your insights and map out your future direction.

About the Author

Sibyl Towner is a popular speaker, workshop leader and spiritual director who uses people's life stories to help people grow up in Christ, discover God's presence in their lives and call forth their giftings.

Sharon Swing is an organizational development consultant in the non-profit sphere who works to help people discover their intentions and live them out.

Reader Feedback

"...a wildly unique tool that... produced spiritual growth and productive focus."
-- Marjorie Blanchard
Co-Founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Listen to My Life is an essential tool for life discovery..."
-- Bob Buford, Author of Halftime