Live Big: A Conversational Approach to Achieve Your Dreams

by Katie Brazelton, PHD, MDIV, MA
141 pages
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Life coach, Dr. Katie Brazelton provides readers the tools they need to move from daydreaming to real adventure. In a friendly and encouraging tone, Katie takes readers through ten steps, from Face Your Fears to Capture Your Live Big! Dream. Each of the ten steps gives readers a broader, richer understanding of how to start, run, and finish the race well ahead of the pack. And on each step of the way, Dr. Brazelton offers inspiring messages, stories, scriptures, and prayers.

With busy lives and complicated schedules, most people don’t think they have time to fulfill their dreams while still juggling work, family, friends, and God. Dr. Brazelton’s Live Big! has just the right-sized bits of wisdom to help readers get started on the process of finding their God-designed purpose. $14.99   $12.99 On Sale! You Save

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Live Big: A Conversational Approach to Achieve Your Dreams - Details

By Katie Brazelton, PHD, MDIV, MA
141 pages

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Written in a devotional format, each tip includes a few pages of inspiration, stories, scripture, words of wisdom from famous individuals, followed by “Action Steps from Your Life Coach,” “Reflections” and a prayer.

Katie wrote this excellent devotional tool for people with “busy lives and complicated schedules” who don’t feel they have the time to fulfill their dreams while dealing with the business of daily life, family, work and friends. Each tip is concise (about 12 pages) and would be a great supplement to daily devotions.

While each of the ten steps is concise, the impact on the reader will be as deep as they allow it to go. The action steps at the end of each tip are big and broad, and will take some serious desire and commitment to fulfill. The reader who is serious about personal growth could supplement this book by journaling their responses to the action step or the reflection questions.

This is a great tool for the person needing to jump-start the process of finding their life purpose using reflection questions, action steps and prayer.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Ten Life Coaching Tips for Living Large, Passionate Dreams
  • 1: True Stories of Everyday Saints Living Big
  • 2: Face Your Fears
  • 3: Learn to Exhale
  • 4: Honor Your Deepest Longings
  • 5: Don't Ever Give Up
  • 6: Use Your Past for Good
  • 7: Expect Miracles
  • 8: Forgive Someone
  • 9:Eat desert First
  • 10: Your Time to Dream Large and Passionately
  • 11:Ask Jesus for Vision
  • 12: Capture Your Live Big! Dream
  • 13: How to contact the Author and learn more about the women in Live Big!

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