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The Invitation by Tony Stoltzfus
The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled
by Tony Stoltzfus
254 pages, softcover
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This seminal book on Encounter Coaching by master coach Tony Stoltzfus will take you beyond coaching behavior to working with the heart--and seeing the dramatic transformation that comes from coaching a person's deep desires. And it includes access to four hours of FREE video (watch a sample here) of Tony coaching leaders through the techniques in the book!

The clearest path to the heart leads through the emotional brain, not the rational. The Invitationgives you practical tools to start with emotion and follow it to beliefs or desires, fill desires through encounters with Jesus, and overcome lifelong obstacles that are so often rooted in emotion instead of rational decision. Packed with stories, examples, tools, and models, this is a book you'll refer to over and over again.

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Engaging God in Suffering

Finding Personal Transformation in Adversity by Tony Stoltzfus

At 22 and fresh out of college, I was honored to be one of the first small group leaders in our new church plant. I felt like I was really doing well as a Christian, and on my way to accomplishing great things in the Kingdom of God. Two years later, the group I had invested so much of myself in decided together to disband because they felt they “weren’t having a good small group experience”. Ouch. That event was the beginning of a two-year series of body blows to my confidence that led me to the point of giving up on my call. I thought my usefulness to God as a leader was over. But looking back 20 years later, I see that as a defining moment in my life and the foundation of much of what I do in ministry. Failing at such a profound level bared my soul to God in a way that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The purpose of suffering and difficulty in life is to break open the deep places of our hearts so Christ can enter in and remake the core of our beings. This kind of heart transplant is what makes the ministry you offer to others transformational. It isn’t your strengths or skills that qualify you for effective leadership, but how you meet God in your difficulties and failures. When you’ve met God in times of trouble and he’s reshaped your heart through them, you won’t tend to look back on those events primarily as times you were victimized or had to survive, but as a gift you wouldn’t want to be without...

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The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
The Great Divorce
by C.S. Lewis
160 pages
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The Great Divorce is a classic by C.S. Lewis (the author of the Narnia books) on heaven, humans and hell. It's probably one of my personal top ten most-loved books of all time. Lewis follows the damned as they take holidays to heaven, and are met by the redeemed who try--and mostly fail--to convince them to stay. It is an incisive take on human nature and how we cling to pride and self-righteousness even on the borders of heaven, as well as a fascinating look at heaven itself: where things are so much more real than on earth that the damned appear there as ghosts, and hell is vanishingly small. It's a great read to flesh out your picture of what eternity is really like.

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hero of heaven cd
Hero of Heaven
The Music from Transforming the Heart
Performance and Music by Rebekah Van Tinteren and Lydia Hendrickson
Words by Tony Stoltzfus

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Relive the Taste of Heaven experience with this recording by the original artists! Composed of six songs written exclusively for the Taste of Heaven, this album will carry you into the presence of God while opening your mind to what your entrance to heaven will be like.

Beautifully performed by concert violinist Rebekah Van Tinteren and pianist Lydia Hendrickson, and recorded in the studio at Bethel Church, its a work you'll experience again and again.

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Living from the Heart Flipbook
by Tony Stoltzfus
Spiral bound, 18 color pages, clear plastic cover
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This new resource puts eight key MetaFormation coaching tools at your fingertips. Its a great aid for in-person coaching! For instance, if you want to identify the desire behind a behavior, simply find the right page and stand your flipbook up on the table up like a tent, and you'll have an easy step-by-step guide facing you while the person across the table views a color graphic of the desire wheel.

Includes information specific to the Living from the Heart workshops such as the Seven Frames, Levels of Engaging, Leaning In, The Three Beliefs and The Calling Journey Timeline.

Stop scribbling on napkins, and use these professional, full-color diagrams to explain the heart diagram, coaching the heart, engaging circumstances, leaning in, the three beliefs and more. Its a great way to introduce heart engaging to your coachees and build your skills at the same time.

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