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Coaching the Heart - Oct. 24-26 Redding, CA

Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus actually joined your coaching sessions? Imagine if every appointment was a three-way call with him, and instead of looking for answers within, you could simply ask Jesus and he’d tell you straight up? Coaching the Heart will show you how to have life-changing, live dialogues with Jesus, right in your coaching sessions. It’s heart transformation instead of behavioral modification.

If you’ve wanted more impact as a coach--if you want to marry wisdom with a supernatural touch from God--this course is for you!

(Early bird discount good until Sept 1st. After that the price will be $479.)

Price $479.00
LMI Foundations of Coaching Course

Next Course begins February 4, 2020 at 10 AM PST

The Foundations of Coaching course introduces you to the fundamental disciplines, skills and heart of Christian coaching. Based on the widely-used book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, it teaches the basics of the coaching approach: goals-setting, action-planning, the coaching funnel model of a conversation, active listening, and the powerful asking techniques all coaches use. While required for those pursuing the LM Encounter Coaching Certification, it is also a great fit for those who just want to pick up more of the basic skills that form the backdrop to Leadership MetaFormation's core workshops. Instructor: David Jacobs Smith

This course is a required part of LM's Encounter Coaching certification program for those who have no formal coach training. (No certification fee is required for this course.)

Price $429.00

Each LMI core course includes:

  • A highly-interactive, 3.5-day workshop experience that uses learning games, demos, hands-on practice and debriefing to create an incredible learning environment
  • Personally taught by highly-sought-after coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus
  • Limited to 32 participants so you'll get lots of personal contact with Tony and our team
  • An amazing "Taste of Heaven" encounter using staging, original music, actors, dance, and more starts your transformation
  • You'll join a band of four teammates and form deep, ongoing relationships in the workshop and beyond
  • Eight follow-up sessions (that you schedule with your team) that help you apply what you're learning
  • Workshop manual and follow-up guide
  • Opportunity to become Certified in Coaching the Heart (requires additional certification fee).

If you have questions e-mail

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Coaching Certification

Get your coaching certification through LMI! We offer two programs: a Full Certification for those new to coaching and a Continuing Ed option for those who already have a coaching certificate. Here’s what's required for the Continuing Ed option:

  1. Complete three LMI core courses: Transforming the Heart, Living from the Heart and Coaching the Heart (taken in any order).
  2. Pass a quiz after each course.
  3. Do the oral final exam (taped appointment review).
  4. Read the required books.

The full certification program has all the above plus the following:

  1. The 12-week Foundations in Coaching tele-course to ground you in traditional coaching techniques like listening, asking, and action-planning.
  2. Pass a quiz after the course.

For information on certification cost and details about requirements and what you get, visit our certification page.

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LM Certification Fee (optional, per course)
Add this item to your LM course registration if you want to pursue Encounter Coaching Certification. The fee is per course, for all three LM core courses (Living from the Heart, Transforming the Heart, and Coaching the Heart). If you just want the training experience without the certification, you do not need to pay this fee! (Due to the extra work and record keeping involved, this fee is non-refundable once a workshop has been attended).

There are two certification options: a continuing ed program for those who already have a coaching credential, and a full certification for those who are starting from scratch. Complete info on the certification program is available on our certification page. If you have questions, e-mail us or give us a call!

Required Books
Required books for the certification program can be purchased here.

LM Certification Fee - Transforming the Heart $79.00LM Certification Fee - Living from the Heart $79.00LM Certification Fee - Coaching the Heart $79.00
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LM Certification - Final Exam Fee

Purchase this item only if you are ready to take your final exam for Encounter Coaching Certification. Before you take the final, you should have completed all your coursework and taken the on-line quiz for each course.

Taking the Final
Following are the steps to taking the final:

  1. Register for the oral exam by purchasing this item (Final Exam Fee).
  2. Record a 45-minute coaching call to review at your exam appointment.
  3. Schedule a 45-minute appointment for the exam with our Coaching Director.
  4. Attend your appointment and pass the oral exam.
Your certificate will be sent to you by mail. If you have questions, e-mail our office

Price $225.00