Music and Art that Engages the Heart

The original music and art from the MetaFormation workshops is available here, along with soaking worship music by our favorite artists (including our own performers!)
hero of heaven cd
Hero of Heaven
The Music from Transforming the Heart
Performance and Music by Rebekah Van Tinteren and Lydia Hendrickson
Words by Tony Stoltzfus

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Relive the Taste of Heaven experience with this recording by the original artists! Composed of six songs written exclusively for the Taste of Heaven, this album will carry you into the presence of God while opening your mind to what your entrance to heaven will be like.

Beautifully performed by concert violinist Rebekah Van Tinteren and pianist Lydia Hendrickson, and recorded in the studio at Bethel Church, its a work you'll experience again and again.

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Creativity in Heaven

by Tony Stoltzfus

When you begin a creative project, there is always an image in your mind of what you want to create. However, when the work is done it never quite seems to capture that first picture. The artist’s vision of the work has a perfection that never comes out the same when you actually make it. You picture the beauty of a dance but your limbs can’t quite do it; you hear the piece of music in your head but when you finally perform it it seems flat. If you are highly skilled, the sculpture captures the form your mind saw, but something about it is still as dead as the inanimate stone it was carved from. Art contains an elusive element, just beyond your grasp, that your creative impulse can touch but never quite fully bring down to earth.

This creative ideal or artistic vision is a memory of heaven—a fleeting touch of true reality—that earth is only a shadow copy of. That first vision of the work is seen in your mind in the colors of heaven, and sung with the voices of angels. With the eyes of heaven you see the sculpture in living stone instead of dead marble, and you visualize yourself dancing with the power of a resurrection body. Creativity sees glimpses of heaven on earth, and attempts to translate it to others....

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Praying Hands by Mark Deraud
by Mark Deraud
Unframed, 18" x 24" original art print

This beautiful image of God's nearness and love in the midst of our brokenness is used in our Transforming the Heartworkshop in an encounter with art. Artist Mark Deraud uses a classical style to convey how God has his arms around us even in our worst moments.

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