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Questions for Jesus Mobile App for Android or iPhone
Questions for Jesus App
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The FREE Questions for Jesus App (available for both iPhone and Android) shows you how great questions can profoundly impact your devotional lifeóand it teaches you a powerful tool for helping your clients encounter Jesus in your coaching sessions.

This conversational prayer and journaling app features 26 meditations (taken from the book, Questions for Jesus). The process is simple: read a meditation, choose one of the five profound questions to ask Jesus, listen while instrumental music plays, and then journal what you heard. The best part is sharing the journey with friends: you can sync up apps to pray the same question each day and text each other what you are hearing!

What sets Questions for Jesus apart from other devotional tools is what you are praying about. Instead of praying for direction, what you ought to do or running down a prayer list, Questions for Jesus launches a two-way conversation where you are asking Jesus to fill the deepest desires of your heart--with himself! When you start talking to him like the love of your life instead of your boss, it is amazing how eager Jesus is to answer!

Questions for Jesus: Conversational Prayer Around Your Deepest Desires by Tony Stoltzfus
Questions for Jesus: Conversational Prayer Around Your Deepest Desires
by Tony Stoltzfus
135 pages, softcover
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Want to bring God encounters into your coaching--and your relationship with Jesus? Stop praying about the business ("God, what do you want me to do?") and learn to pray about the relationship ("Jesus, here's what I like about you: ____. What do you like most about me?") with a master of engaging the heart as your guide.

Questions for Jesus by master coach Tony Stoltzfus will take you on a journey of learning how to pray and coach around your heart's deepest desires. This devotional takes heart-level conversation with Jesus to a whole new realm with over 250 intimate questions to ask Jesus about what he sees in you--and what is going on in his heart.

Questions for Jesus examines how Jesus spoke to the deep desires of those he encountered--and shows how he can do the same for you. Built around 52 passages in Matthew, each meditation offers five heart-level questions that will help you put yourself into the passage and receive from Jesus what your heart most desires to hear.

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Knowing His Voice when Praying Your Desire

Praying your desire is a wonderful, two-way conversation. A Question for Jesus specifically asks for a rhemaóa personal, experiential word from God that touches your deepest yearning. When you hear Jesus tell you he loves how you go after things, of that he likes how you smell (to a gal with an essential oil business) or that finding you was like finding a half-million-dollar house someone was letting go for $30,000 (that's one a realtor heard), it changes your heart. You can read about how Jesus feels about you and renew your rational mind, but when you hear him say it first hand, personally and intimately, it touches the depths of your heart Without this experience of God speaking to you, praying your desire loses its power. The language of the heart isnít logic and reasoning, but living experience. Your heart longs for an intimate touch from the lover of your soul.

Hearing Jesus talk to you this way isnít hard. You just ask him a desire question [the Questions for Jesus book has hundreds of examples] and see what wells up in your mind and heart in the next minute or so. Don't listen any longer--your first impression will usually be the best. What you receive may come in words, an image, or just a sense of God present with you in a certain way. Jot it down. Then double-check if what came into your heart is consistent with the character of Jesus in scripture. Thatís all you need to do....

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Questions for Jesus Workshop Facilitator's Package
Questions for Jesus Workshop | Facilitator's Package
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints--Download (106 mb)
by Tony Stoltzfus

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The Questions for Jesus Workshop is the perfect way to introduce a group to the powerful habit of your praying deepest desires. And this workshop's interactive approach gets participants praying and sharing what they heard right off the bat. Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this Presenter's Package includes:

  • Complete, in-depth outlines of each of the eight sessions to help you train with confidence
  • A beautiful, 50-slide animated PowerPoint presentation keyed to the outline
  • Professional workshop handouts you can print, keyed to the outline
  • Four different schedules for any event length, from half-day up to day-plus-evening
  • A customizable, color E-Brochure to make promoting your workshop easy
  • The option to buy Questions for Jesus books in bulk (20 or more) for your participants at 30% off
Open Source means the course is royalty-free and can be customized to suit your needs.
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questions for jesus group guide by tony stoltzfus
Questions for Jesus Group Guide (Print)
by Tony Stoltzfus
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints - 46 pages
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Offer the Questions for Jesus Course and take people on an amazing journey of learning to ask Jesus the questions he most wants to answer and hear him speak personally to your deepest desires. Using coaching questions and asking principles, this facilitator's package teaches how to identify the deep desires that drive your behavior, and how meeting Jesus there and letting him fill the hole in your heart changes everything.

Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this 8-session Presenter's Package includes everything you need to offer the course:

The Open Source format means you can offer the course royalty free and customize it to suit your needs.
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Questions for Jesus video DVD
The Questions for Jesus DVD
by Tony Stoltzfus
The companion to the Questions for Jesus Group Guide
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Offer the Questions for Jesus Course using this DVD and the Questions for Jesus Group Guide and you'll take people on an amazing journey of learning to ask Jesus intimate questions and hearing him speak personally--and immediately!--to your deepest desires. Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this DVD and the Group Guide include everything you need as presenter to offer the course. And the Open Source format means you can modify it to suit your needs, and offer it royalty-free.

This DVD includes video demos and teachings for all eight sessions of the course, in high resolution format suitable for groups (low res versions for perrsonal viewing on a phone or tablet are available on-line for free at our Youtube channel.)

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