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Dancing between Culturesthumb
Dancing Between Cultures: Culturally Intelligent Coaching for Missions and Ministry
by Tina Stoltzfus Horst
280 pages, softcover

Coaching cross culturally has its challenges, and learning to adapt your coaching to cultural diversity is so important! Dancing between Cultures is written by a master coach with years of cross cultural experience and is loaded with stories, tips and real life situations designed to help you implement practical faith-based strategies for culturally intelligent coaching. This is an essential guidebook on your journey to transformational conversations across cultures. 280 pages.
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Courageously Brave: Adventures with Grandma Metta
by Jimetta Mayne
24 pages, hardback, color
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Following her first children’s book, What If? Jimetta Mayne delivers another Adventure with Grandma Metta in Courageously Brave. The author applies her heart coaching skills as she addresses negative emotions that block her grandchildren’s desires for freedom and peace. One by one she gives them the opportunity to articulate their fears, note their choices, and step in the direction of faith.

Written by adept storyteller, Jimetta Mayne, and illustrated with gorgeous original artwork, this full-color hardback will be one your children or grandchildren will look forward to reading.

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Questions for Jesus Workshop | Facilitator's Package
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints--Download (106 mb)

by Tony Stoltzfus

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The Questions for Jesus Workshop is the perfect way to introduce a group to the powerful practice of your praying deepest desires. And this workshop's interactive approach gets participants praying and sharing what they heard right off the bat. Based on the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this facilitator's package includes:

  • Complete, in-depth outlines of each of the eight sessions to help you train with confidence
  • A beautiful, 50-slide animated PowerPoint presentation keyed to the outline
  • Professional workshop handouts you can print, keyed to the outline
  • Four different schedules for any event length, from half-day up to day plus evening
  • A customizable E-Brochure to make promoting your workshop easy
  • the option to buy Questions for Jesus books in bulk (20 or more) for your participants at 30% off
Open Source means the course is royalty-free and can be customized to suit.
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The Great Divorce
by C.S. Lewis
160 pages
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The Great Divorce is a classic by C.S. Lewis (the author of the Narnia books) on heaven and hell. It's probably one of my personal top ten most-loved books of all time. Lewis follows the damned as they take holidays to heaven, and are met by the redeemed who try--and mostly fail--to convince them to stay. It is an incisive take on human nature and how we cling to pride and self-righteousness even on the borders of heaven, as well as a fascinating look at heaven itself: where things are so much more real than on earth that the damned appear there as ghosts. It's a great read to flesh out your picture of what eternity is really like.

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The Essential DISC Training Workbook
by Jason Hedge

42 pages
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Created as a companion to the DISC Profile Assessment, The Essential DISC Training Workbook will help you understand the results of your DISC assessment, the value of each DISC personality style and how to interact with people who exhibit a different style.

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Jealous of Your Beauty DVD
by Tony Stoltzfus
Video, 25 minutes
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Why does the enemy spend so much effort trying to tell women they are not beautiful? Why is he so invested in creating an impossible body image and tearing women down when they don't match up to it? Why do so many women struggle with feeling beautiful and desirable? The answer will surprise you!

In this short teaching video, Tony Stoltzfus reveals the motive behind this war on women and shows how you can fight back--or even laugh at it!

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Questions for Jesus Poster
by Tony Stoltzfus
18" x 24", frame not included

This poster is a great training aid if you are presenting Questions for Jesus material--or a perfect reminder for where you have your devotions of how to pray your desires. There are five simple rules for asking Questions for Jesus:

  • Ask in Faith...
    Pray in accordance with what scripture has already revealed. We don't pray, "Jesus, do you love me?" but instead, "Jesus, what do you love about me?"
  • for Desire Fulfilled...
    We are praying for a specific desire, like love, security, peace, or recognition.
  • in Relationship...
    Instead of asking for a thing or outcome in this world to fill our desire, we ask Jesus to fill it with himself.
  • by a Rhema...
    The experiential, spoken word touches desires in ways the Logos (scripture) can't.
  • from a Good God.
    He's the one who longs to fill your desires. This isn't about what you can do for him, but what he can do for you.
  • Praying in accordance with these five principles can change your devotional life forever!

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