About Coach22

    Coach22 Coaching Bookstore has been serving Christian coaches for over 15 years! We've succeeded by delivering:
    Stoltzfus Family
    • Only true coaching resources
      There are lots of books out there with the word “Coaching” in the title that aren’t written by coaches and don’t follow the coaching model. We sort out the chaff so you can be sure you are getting something truly useful--the best books about professional coaching written by professional coaches.
    • Professional reviews
      We provide in-depth reviews of each resource created by professional coaches, so you can get beyond the marketing and find the best coaching books to fit your needs.
    • Personalized service
      Talk to an actual human being about your purchase–and get customer service, ask a question or get a recommendation. We’re here to help!
    • Publishing Innovative Resources
      We publish our own line of books, training courses and other resources by well-known author and coach Tony Stoltzfus.

    Who's Behind the Coach22 Bookstore?

    If coaching book reviews are an important way you choose what to read, you may want to know something about our reviewers! I'm Tony Stoltzfus (click for my full bio), and I run Coach22. I've been a professional coach since 1999, and a mentor for many years before that. I helped found a large, international Christian coach training school, ran it as Director of Training for five years, and in 2012 started another--the Leadership MetaFormation Institute. I've written a dozen coaching books, created numerous courses, CDs, DVDs and training aids, and have logged several thousand coaching hours. Since I know a lot of other professional coaches, I've brought ones I trust in to help me review every book Coach22 carries.

    What Does Coach22 Mean?

    People often ask me what the meaning of "Coach22" is. There's no big secret—its just a catchy name. Short, memorable domain names are hard to come by! If you really want a hidden meaning, "Coach22" reminds you of "Catch22", an well-known book by Joseph Heller. The rough idea behind catch 22 in the book was, if you don't think about your future, you are insane. I think that's a good coaching ideal.


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