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    What would happen if everyone in your small group or team created a personal growth goal, developed concrete action steps to move toward it, and met every week with a peer partner for support and accountability along the way? That's what Peer Coach Training does: it's a structure for building the lasting, authentic, purposeful peer relationships that produce transformed lives.

    You can also use the Peer Coaching Materials to offer eight top-notch coach training sessions to small group or lay coaches--or do both at once: provide coach training while you build healthy peer accountability!

    This eight-session, DVD-based series creates a greenhouse environment for growing accountable relationships while training participants in basic coaching skills. A unique feature of this program is that it is designed to launch ongoing peer coaching relationships. Four weeks into the training, participants begin weekly one-on-one meetings with their peer outside the group sessions. By the end of the course, each peer pair will have met four times, be actively pursuing personal growth goals they’ve chosen, and be well-positioned to keep working together long-term.

    What You'll Learn

    During the training sessions, you’ll also learn a powerful coaching toolkit that includes:
    • Creating SMART growth goals
    • Asking powerful coaching questions
    • Developing concrete action steps
    • Providing healthy accountability
    • Creating a Peer Covenant
    • Sharing authentic stories
    • Problem-solving without giving advice
    • Offering genuine encouragment and support

    If you are looking for a way to move people from basic discipleship to greater maturity, to build a coaching culture in your organization or to provide some healthy personal accountability for your leaders, Peer Coach Training could be the answer!

    Resources: FAQs

    We have four sections of FAQs that answer the most commonly asked questions about peer coaching:

    Samples of Materials

    Click here to view our page of Peer Coaching Materials, or follow one of the specific links below:

    Free Promotional Resources

    The Facilitator’s Package includes a section on how to promote your peer coaching program, as well as 10 printed peer coaching brochures. Below are some additional free promotional resources:
    • E-brochure. An electronic copy of the printed Peer Coach Training Brochureyou can e-mail to prospective participants.
    • Promotional Video #1: A 60 second announcement in mpeg format you can use to promote the training (also found on the DVD set).
    • Promotional Video #2: A 4-minute description in mpeg format of what peer coaching is all about.
    • Announcements. Sample bulleting announcements for promoting the your Peer Coach Training program. Just copy and paste into your bulletin.

    Free Training Resources

    Below are some electronic resources to help your peer coach training go smoothly.
    • Peer Covenant. Here is an electronic copy of the Peer Covenant you can duplicate after people have used the three copies in their workbook.
    • Commitment Form. Use this to have people sign up for the course.
    • Weekly Reminders. Sample e-mails you can send out each week to remind people of the session as well as that week’s action steps. Just copy and paste into your e-mail program.