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Peer Coach Training Workbook

by Tony Stoltzfus
80 pages, lay-flat wire binding
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The Peer Coaching Workbook gives each participant in peer coach training the resources they need to build a lasting, accountable, authentic peer relationship. Peer coaching is a growth-centered relationship between two or three peer partners who meet regularly to set personal growth goals, develop action steps, and provide the support and accountability needed for maximum progress. This Workbookincludes covenants, peer exercises, session outlines and more to build that relationship, plus a set of tools for helping others grow using the coaching approach.

In each of the eight highly interactive weekly training sessions, participants listen to a brief teaching from the DVD Set, watch a demo of a coaching skill, discuss what they saw, then practice with a peer. In week four peers begin meeting on their own to set growth goals, develop their own action steps, and cheer each other on to growth.

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Peer Coach Training Workbook - Details

Experience the Power of Authentic, Growth-Centered Relationships
by Tony Stoltzfus
80 pages, lay-flat wire binding
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The Peer Coaching Workbook provides everything participants need for peer coach training (the facilitator needs a Peer Coaching Facilitator’s Package). Each participant needs their own workbook (because the peer partnerships are same-gender, couples will not be able to share the same copy). The Workbook includes:

  • 10 articles covering each coaching topic
  • Handouts and debriefing questions for each video session
  • Peer exercises for each of the 8 group sessions
  • Session outlines and covenants for launching your peer relationship
  • Weekly action steps and accountability exercises
  • Sample coaching dialogues
  • A section of extra coaching resources

While peer coach training is usually done in groups (the Peer Coaching Facilitator’s Package has everything you need to offer the course to your team) it is also available in a special Peer Coaching Independent Study including two workbooks and the Peer Coaching DVD Set that lets two people go through the course on their own. This is a great way to check out the materials, to get new people on board that missed the training, or to build your own peer relationship if group training is not available.

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Table of Contents

Peer Coach Training includes an orientation plus 8 weekly sessions (it can also be run in other formats – see the Facilitator’s Guide). Sessions are as follows:

  • Orientation: Getting Started
  • Session 1: Growing Toward Your Destiny
  • Session 2: The Coaching Approach
  • Session 3: Building Authentic Relationships
  • Session 4: The Covenant Life
  • Session 5: Aiming for the Mark—Change Goals
  • Session 6: Taking Action
  • Session 7: Coaching Your Peer
  • Session 8: Energy for Change

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus draws on a lifetime of experience in accountable peer relationships in the design of this training program. He has spent many years living in intentional communities, involved in cell churches, participating in life transformation groups (LTGs), and running mentoring or peer mentoring programs.

Tony is a long-time coach, author of 11 coaching books, including the best-selling Coaching Questions. He has co-founded two coaching schools and trained over a thousand coaches. As current Director of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute, Tony teaches leaders to engage the heart by coaching through the emotional brain to touch the deep desires that drive behavior. Known for his interactive, innovative training and writing style, Tony has written courses and training materials used around the world. He lives in Redding, CA with his wife Kathy and they have two adult children.

Click Here for more resources from this author.

Reader Feedback

“This is really a dynamite program. Without a doubt, this is going to be the point of entry for coaching to really penetrate the church, because it trains people in coaching skills at the grass roots level.”

“The greatest revelation to me was that accountability was rooted in what I want to do, not what the other person wanted me to do… That whole idea of ownership was very powerful.”

“I got nothing but positive feedback: comments like, ‘This is the thing I’ve been looking for,’ or, ‘This has changed how I deal with people,’ or, ‘I’m a listener now where I didn’t know how to really listen before.’ They got more out of the first night of this than the whole month of [the last program we did].” Small Group Leader

“The material is dynamite. There’s no question about that – the material is unique and this is a home run.” Ministry Team Leader

“The people who went through this were… a handpicked group of the pastor’s core people. This course demonstrated that even though they knew each other and were working closely together, they weren’t holding each other accountable for anything specific…” Coach

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Peer Coaching Facilitator's Package
by Tony Stoltzfus
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Peer Coach Training can help you build lasting, accountable peer relationships in your church, small group or team. Or, it can be the perfect way to offer introductory Christian coaching skills training. This Facilitator's Package includes everything a leader needs to offer Peer Coach Training in his or her group. The course includes an orientation plus eight 60- to 75-minute coach training sessions. A typical session features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill, a debriefing time, and an application exercise where peers practice with each other. Several flexible schedules are provided for various workshop or classroom formats. (The workshop options eliminate the peer relationship component and focus solely on developing Christian coaching skills.)

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Peer Coaching Independent Study
by Tony Stoltzfus

Peer Coaching DVD Set plus 2 – Peer Coaching Workbooks
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Peer Coach Training is designed to build accountable, growth-centered peer relationships in groups. The Peer Coaching Independent Study makes it easy for as few as two people to go through the training without having to recruit an entire group to do it. It is also a great way for you and a friend to learn the fundamentals of the coaching approach by watching a great coach at work. Simply listen to the DVDs together and follow the schedule in the Workbook to go through the course. It takes only an evening a week for nine weeks to gain a significant, authentic friendship that will help you grow.

Your trainer for these sessions, Tony Stoltzfus, is a master coach with years of experience working with ministry leaders and a coach trainer who has worked with hundreds of professional Christian coaches. Click Here for more resources from this author.

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Leadership Coaching
by Tony Stoltzfus
320 pages
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Leadership Coaching is our best-selling how-to book for learning Christian coaching or improving life coaching skills. It is filled with real-life stories, practical tools and application exercises that teach you how to coach.

The first section describes the part coaching can play in the larger purposes of God for a believer's life. Tony goes beyond simply pointing to question examples in scripture, to explaining the biblical values behind Christian leadership coaching. Section II shows you how to coach with a hands-on, interactive style. The book guides you through each of the seven key process elements of effective coaching in detail. Special Master Class chapters provide extra examples and training exercises for important skills.

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Leadership Coaching Live! CD Set
by Tony Stoltzfus
4 hours of audio on 4 CDs
A companion to the book, Leadership Coaching
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Leadership Coaching Live lets you watch a master coach at work. A perfect companion to the book, Leadership Coaching, this eight-session set was recorded live, and includes demos of key Christian coaching skills, live coaching appointments, insightful debriefings and training sessions by a top Christian life coach trainer. The book and CDs together are a perfect training tool to introduce others to the world of Christian coaching, especially using the FREE coaching course outlines (choose the second item below to get the outlines).

If you'd like to simple stream the audio instead of purchasing a physical product, click here for our on-line option.

“I have a discipling relationship I’ve had for years. We’ve made more progress in the last few months using some of your questions than we have in [the prior] five years.”
-- Senior Pastor