Questions for Jesus Game - Cards Only

by Tony Stoltzfus
54 cards, instructions

The Questions for Jesus Game makes heart-level encounters with Jesus fun! Simply ask Jesus an intimate question, listen for one minute, and then get ready to be delighted as everyone shares the amazing, touching, revelatory things Jesus says! It's easy to hear, because you are asking him about the thing he most wants to talk about: your relationship. You'll ask questions like:

  • "Jesus, what is heaven giving me a standing ovation for today?"
  • "What do you remember about the day I gave my heart to you?"
  • "How is a hug in heaven better than one on earth?"
  • "Jesus, what do you tell the angels that you like about me?"

There are four categories of questions (200 in all) for hours of fun: Desire Fulfilled, For Kids, Offbeat, and Heaven. It's perfect for parties with a purpose, small group encounters, or even to use at the dinner table instead of a perfunctory mealtime prayer.

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Questions for Jesus Game - Cards Only - Details

What if Jesus was much easier to talk with than you ever thought? Questions for Jesus is a simple yet profound approach to conversational prayer based on one key idea: the thing Jesus is most interested in talking to us about is our relationship. He is our fiance', and his idea of a good conversation is one that focuses on us and our future together (lover talk) instead of what we are doing for him (business talk). Because when you are engaged to be married, gazing into each others eyes and experiencing your hearts connecting is much more compelling than planning who will do the chores!

The Questions for Jesus Game gives you fresh, compelling questions to ask, like "Jesus, what does it mean to you to make me happy?" or "What song reminds you of me?" that take your relationship with Jesus into unexplored territory. And the best part of the journey is doing it with friends. Whenever two or three (or more) are gathered together, each person asks Jesus the same question, and you begin to share what he says--he shows up, and the fun begins! You'll laugh, cry, and be amazed, because Jesus says the most amazing things.

For more information on the Questions for Jesus approach, including videos showing it in action, visit Our YouTube Channel.

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a master coach and trainer, author of 10 books and an expert on the ways of God with the human heart. After experiencing deep suffering and betrayal in his own life, and meeting Jesus in it, he helps leaders become aware of their own hearts and find life in meeting Jesus there. Tony offers training in heart engaging and transformational leadership through The Leadership MetaFormation Institute in Redding, California.

Reader Feedback

"Jesus and I kicked off a brand new season of better communication and connectedness."

"I met the Jesus who just wants to talk to me . . . the chatty Jesus."
From England

"What an amazing experience it is to ask Jesus these questions!"

"I take one question a day to meditate and converse with Jesus. I am so thankful for the breakthroughs I have had with the Lord as a result."