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    Breathe Deep Restorative Retreat - Sunday, 05.16.2021, 1 PM - 5 PM PST: A Taste & See Experience!


    Face it: the speed of life doesn’t allow many of us adequate time to process with the rapid changes around us. Covid, family, transitions—you need a set-apart time and space to connect profoundly with God about decisions, adaptions and how to cope in life-giving ways.

    Unlike other Meta-Formation.com events, Breathe Deep Taste & See Experiences are about experiencing God yourself instead of training you to help others. Expect simple reflection and prayer exercises that bring clarity to your every-day life challenges with work, fear, anxiety, relationships, parenting, family traditions, or even questions about God.

    Sessions Sunday, May 16, 2021

    1 PM - 5 PM PST Sessions

    This four-hour virtual experience gives you the impact of a traditional retreat in a much more affordable, accessible package (i.e. you don’t have the cost of travel or lodging). Does four hours feel exhausting? Hop on then off by registering for 1 1/2 hours of this event here.

    Experiences Included

    Be Still and Move with Mary Byam-Smith; Communion with Kathy Koy; Implementation with Holly Nichols and more

    At the Breathe Deep Restorative on-line retreat, you’ll journal, experience guided prayer, catch your emotional breath and even unlock your creative side with art. Kathy Stoltzfus and her team of experienced Encounter Coaches and spiritual directors will lead a small group through  a reflective process of heart-engaging, encounter coaching, inner-healing, life-planning, and Christian spiritual direction. We’ll replace the frantic pace with Holy leisure. Each Taste and See has a different focus from the last and the next.

    Breathe Deep Leadership Team: Kathy Stoltzfus, Mary Byam-Smith, Kathy Koy and Holly Nichols, we're seasoned soul-care midwives with spiritual direction and formation training, certified as Meta-Formation.com Encounter Coaches and sealed by the HS.

    Please note: Our monthly Taste & See Experiences vary in content and session leaders.