Luciano Lombardi


    Coaching Changes Everything


    This resource offers a solid Christian perspective on helping people help themselves. Something new to me was Coach Lombardi's powerful exercise "Changing What You Know" to help readers reframe a story involving a person you perceive as a challenge or a threat due to past interaction. The desired outcome from this reflection is to make room for God to shift our heart and perception towards them and their contribution to your community and world.

    This book includes over twenty-five pages of exercises and activities to help you practice what you are learning and make it stick.

    About the Author

    Luc is a leadership coach, coach trainer and co-founder of Leadership Coaching Canada. Since 2003 he has been training ministry leaders in coaching skills. He formed www.coachlombardi.ca in 2006 and continues coach training within his role a Director of Leadership Development and Distance Education at Master's College and Seminary. He trains and coaches leaders across Canada to transform their organizations into collaborative and supportive networks of people to create empowering communities. Luc attributes Tony Stoltzfus to getting him hooked on coaching in the early 2000s when Tony regularly traveled to Ontario to provide coach training to pastors in Luc's region.

    Reader Feedback

    • Want to grow your leadership influence?
    • Want to develop a leadership style that encourages and empowers rather than controls and mandates?
    • Want your team to be more motivated, productive and focused?
    • Tired of having to solve everyone's problems?
    • Tired of giving great advice and then not seeing your staff or congregational members act on it?
    • Interested in creating a supportive staff culture where your team looks forward to coming to work and interacting with their colleagues?
    • Or how about a church culture where people believe in each other and cheer each other on?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest you read Luciano Lombardi's book, "Coaching Changes Everything." Learning to coach others could be one of the single most important growth pieces in your leadership behavior. I know it has been in mine.

    It was several years ago that I first became aware of leadership coaching and Lombardi as a coach trainer. I was a young pastor eager to discover my life purpose and grow in my calling. Little did I know at the time how much coaching would accelerate my leadership development and augment my influence as a leader. Coaching skills have become embedded into my leadership behavior...skills, which my team and I now use on a daily basis. This is in large part, due to Lombardi' influence.

    His coaching method is clear and compelling. In his book you'll learn straightforward immediately applicable coaching skills that fit into your ministry context. And if you do, as Lombardi explains: "You will be rewarded with seeing (those around you) reach their goals, solve their problems, be more productive, living to their full potential. It will catalyze your work environment and increase the creativity level of your team" (page 232) ... because coaching changes everything!"

    Nathan Albrecht - Lead Pastor, Leamington Ontario