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Coaching in Ministry: How Busy Church Leaders Can Multiply Their Ministry Impact

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Coaching in Ministry by leadership development expert, Dr. Keith Webb, presents a radically different approach to growing leaders. Coaching develops both skills and character in other people while doing ministry. Rather than giving advice, ask powerful questions to draw out what the Holy Spirit has put in your leaders.

Coaching in Ministry presents practical ways to develop the people around you and multiply your ministry impact through coaching by learning these things:

  • Develop others and reach your ministry goals.
  • Reduce pressure and find freedom by asking.
  • When to mentor and when to coach.
  • Produce change by asking strategic questions.
  • Using a simple question to move people into action.

  • Based on first-hand experience and taught around the world, this book will give you forward growth tools. It is possible to develop leaders and to have greater ministry influence--while increasing margin in your life!

    Table of Contents

    Discover How Coaching Can Multiply Your Ministry Impact
       Chapter 1: What "Coach" Really Means, and Why It Matters
       Chapter 2: Aren't Coaching and Mentoring the Same Thing?
       Chapter 3: How to Ask Powerful Questions That Lead to Change
       Chapter 4: A Better Leadership Development Blueprint
       Chapter 5: How to Move People to Action with One Simple Question

    About the Author

    Webb is a consultant, speaker and writer. As a Certified Coach, his specialty is leadership development. As the founder of Creative Results Management, he oversees global training though CRM with a focus on equipping ministry pioneers. He is the author of Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan and is co-author of Coaching in Asia: The First Decade. Keith lives near Seattle with his wife.