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Heaven's Perspective Story: Get YOUR Life Story Rewritten

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Sign up for the incredible adventure of having your life story rewritten from Heaven's Perspective! We'll interview you about one of your most painful experiences in life, hear your biggest unanswered questions, and then rewrite your story as a letter from Jesus (just like those in the book, Heaven's Perspective). You'll get insight on how your circumstances look from heaven's point of view, what Jesus was doing in those events, and how God is taking evil he didn't cause and transforming it into good.

Simply order here, schedule your one-hour personal interview with one of our trained storywriters (on the 'Thank you for your order' page), and within a week we'll send you a completely unique, 700-1200-word God-story created just for you. It comes in a beautiful embossed journal that includes the story itself, instructions for getting the most out of it, journaling questions, and a companion soaking/worship CD to listen to as you read and journal. The way you look at your life story may never be the same!

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Why Rewrite Your Story

If you've been through tough times, you've probably heard all the stock answers we give to people in pain: that God is doing "something" in it, that it will all turn out for good (somehow), that you just have to endure. What those answers lack are specifics and substance: what the heart wants to know is, what exactly is God doing? How is he working this for my good? What am I enduring for?

We've heard the answers of earth. What our heart longs for is the answer of Heaven.

You can get the kind of perspective shift that comes from  hearing Jesus retell your life story from his point of view today--by having your story rewritten from Heaven's Perspective! We'll interview you about one of your most difficult experiences in life, help you express the questions you'd most want to ask Jesus about what happened, and then rewrite your story as a letter from heaven (just like those in the book, Heaven's Perspective). It's an amazing adventure that will give you valuable new insight on what God was doing in your life and how he has been working for your good even in the things he didn't cause.

It's also the perfect gift for anyone who has gone through deep pain and struggles to understand why. Click here to listen to some real-life testimonials from people who had their stories rewritten.

Our team of trained story-writers understand how God leverages our circumstances to form us--and have great insight into how heaven actually operates. Time operates completely differently in heaven than it does on earth. So does reward, glory, language, color, art--even the physical dimensions we exist in on earth change in heaven. Using these principles, our storywriters take your painful experience and translate it--from how it looks to you, through your earthly eyes, to how it would look through the eyes of the great cloud of witnesses, the angels, and Jesus himself. Heaven has the power to make all things well--and your heaven-story will show just how that can come to be.

The Process

  1. Purchase the Heaven's Perspective Story here
  2. If it's a gift, ensure that the shipping address is where you want the story to be shipped.
  3. We will send you an email with a link to schedule a 1 hour interview with one of our story-writers.
  4. Our story-writer works with Jesus to write the letter and we put it all together in a beautiful leather journal and we ship it out.
  5. It typically takes us 6 business days after the interview to write the story, have it edited by one of our team editors, and print it within the journal.  Depending upon which shipment option you pick, it may take another 3 to 8 days to arrive.

Reader Feedback

"This is incredible."

"I didn’t realize how much I was being plagued by a sense of failure – in previous ministry, with marriage and with parenting. That failure has robbed me of a desire to give my heart and soul to anything else, because it just doesn’t seem to bear fruit anyway. Instead of trying to fix the failure, I am embracing it as the gift that’s in front of me. The re-framing tool and understanding the lie is helping me get it all in perspective and lean into it for breakthrough."

"Meeting Jesus in confounding circumstances is incredibly transformative. I have a lot more hope about a couple of situations I had felt I was making no progress in. I see God’s hand working a lot more clearly than previously."

Terms & Disclaimer
Heaven’s Perspective stories are meant to help you look at your past experiences from a new perspective, not predict your future. We are not doctors, mental health professionals or counselors, and our stories are not meant to take the place of advice from these professionals. Any life choices or decisions you make after reading these stories are solely your own responsibility, and we assume no liability for those choices.