Tina Stoltzfus


    Dancing Between Cultures: Culturally Intelligent Coaching for Missions and Ministry

    280 pages

    If you coach people in other countries or from other cultures, this book is a must-have! Tina walks through the challenges of coaching people from other cultures, including differences in communication styles, norms of behavior, individualistic versus communal cultures (think U.S. vs Asia), and much more, than shows you how to stop making cultural assumptions as a coach and allow your clients to create their own answers. From stories of her own early cultural faux pas to successful examples of coaching others around the world, the author takes you on a journey that highlights your unspoken values and how they affect the way you coach.

    About the Author

    Tina Stoltzfus Horst, MS, is the Founder of Coaching Mission International, a faith-based NGO providing coaching and coach training to the missions world. This book holds her experience coaching and training cross-culturally. Included are  stories and tips from over 50 culturally intelligent coaches from around the globe. She has developed a nine session distance phone course on Culturally Intelligent Coaching. With her husband, Gary, of thirty-eight years, Tina has two adult children.

    Reader Feedback

    Dancing between Cultures is organized around a values model that you can actually put on your desk and use to change the way you coach. Packed with insights on the influence of cultural issues and stories borne out of years of hands on experience, I can feel the perspective shift inside me as I read it. If you are coaching across cultures--whether in different nations or just different subgroups of your own country--I'd highly recommend this book.