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    Karen Lee Thorp


    How to Ask Great Questions


    How to Ask Great Questions is a wonderfully practical look at the art of asking. What this book does best is take various questioning skills down to the level of deconstructing specific questions and pointing out why you would ask in a certain way. This detailed approach makes it easy to understand what exactly makes one question great and another one a groaner. Author Karen Lee Thorp then goes on to show you which asking skill you would want to use in a variety of specific situations.

    How to Ask Great Questions covers open and closed questions, asking about what's significant, probing questions, and how to ask in a way that brings out a person's inner thoughts and true feelings. Illustrated with example after example of well-thought-out questions, this book is a tremendously helpful guide for new life coaches, Christian coaches in training, or small group coaches.

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    Table of Contents

    1. What This Book Is About
    2. Telling Our Stories - Sharing Questions
    3. Just the Facts - Observation Questions
    4. A Matter of Interpretation - Interpretation Questions
    5. Tell Us How You Really Feel - Feeling Questions
    6. Keeping the Ball in Play - Follow-Up Questions
    7. So What? - Application Questions
    8. Decisions, Decisions - Problem-Solving Questions
    Epilogue: How Did We Do? - Evaluation Questions