Dr. Katie Brazelton


    Live Big: A Conversational Approach to Achieve Your Dreams

    141 pages

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    Dr. Katie Brazelton is a life coach and trainer who specializes in helping people discover and live their best dreams. Busy people with complicated lives and schedules can go through life thinking that the business of life keeps them from pursuing their dreams. But these ten tips help you make your dreams a reality, even in the midst of everyday life. While each step is an easy read, the suggested action steps at the end of each chapter are substantial and walking them out will stretch you and build your capacity. This book takes readers through ten attitudes ("coaching tips") and 40 actions that jump-start living out your purpose.

    This book is a rich resource of reflection questions, action steps and prayer for anyone needing a push to start finding their life purpose.

    Written as a devotional, these ten inspiring coaching tips are illustrated with real-life stories, scripture, quotations from famous individuals, and are followed with action steps, reflections and a prayer that get you moving.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction: Ten Life Coaching Tips for Living Large, Passionate Dreams
    • 1: True Stories of Everyday Saints Living Big
    • 2: Face Your Fears
    • 3: Learn to Exhale
    • 4: Honor Your Deepest Longings
    • 5: Don't Ever Give Up
    • 6: Use Your Past for Good
    • 7: Expect Miracles
    • 8: Forgive Someone
    • 9: Eat desert First
    • 10: Your Time to Dream Large and Passionately
    • 11: Ask Jesus for Vision
    • 12: Capture Your Live Big! Dream
    • 13: How to contact the Author and learn more about the women in Live Big!