Tony Stoltzfus


    Mastering the Art of Asking Questions Bundle


    We've bundled these key resources together at a price you won't find anywhere else! This package is perfect for developing or aspiring coaches, and includes:

    1. Questions for Jesus is our top-rated book for learning how to ask Jesus questions to get his perspective on what's going on in your life or the lives of your clients.
    2. How to Ask Great Questions covers open and closed questions, asking about what's significant, probing questions, and how to ask in a way that brings out a person's inner thoughts and true feelings.
    3. Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills is a best-selling handbook of dozens of asking tools, models and techniques, with self-study schedules to help you put them into practice and become a master of asking.
    4. The Master Coach Series combines three advanced coaching CDs, each with over an hour of live coaching demos, debriefings and input on a particular asking skill.

    About the Author

    Tony Stoltzfus is the founder of Coach22.com and a long-time pioneer in the Christian coaching field. Author of numerous books and coach training courses, he currently leads Leadership MetaFormation, a training school that teaches the Encounter Coaching method of bringing Jesus directly into the coaching conversation. Tony lives in Northern California with his wife Kathy and their neurotic dog, Promise. Click Here to see all of Tony's books and resources.