Open Heart Daily Prayer Packet

ring bound, 28 pages, soft cover

The Open Heart Daily Prayer Packet contains experiential prayer rhythms for deep heart transformation. It has its roots in the ancient prayer of Examen, while incorporating sensory experiences that access body, brain and heart. The cards are an invitation to open your heart to allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten, lead you into gratefulness, and examine your heart. In the final movement, you are invited to become aware of the near Presence of God in your life. This prayer approach can be used personally, with a friend, or with a group.

  • 1. Introduction to O.P.E.N. heart prayer
  • 2. Meditative focus on psalm 139
  • 3. 4 main prayer rhythms each with scripture, body movement, & invitational prayer
  • 4. Uses the questions for Jesus format of conversational prayer
  • 5. Ideas and suggestions for use
  • 6. Open heart daily prayer bullet journals (sample journal plus 18 blank journal pages)
  • 7. Introductory video guide through QR code
  • 8. Includes a muslin pouch with a glass heart (directions for use are in the guide)
  • This is a wonderful way to enter into a transformative prayer experience that can bring a powerful connection to the heart and presence of God.

    About the Author 

    Sarah Herring trains spiritual directors, is a professor at Simpson University (previously an administrator for 16 years), and a team member at the Leadership MetaFormation Institute. Sarah's specialty is retreat ministry and experiential connections with the Presence of God. She leads Deep Breathe retreats with Kathy Stoltzfus, is a contributing author of Questions for Jesus and has written of 2 healing prayer journals. Sarah has a Master's in Counseling, a graduate diploma in Bible and Theology and has completed D.Min. coursework. She lives in Redding, CA.