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    Peer Coaching Independent Study

    Includes the Peer Coaching DVD Set plus two Peer Coaching Workbooks
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    Peer coach training enables people to experience the power of authentic relationships with their peers. The Peer Coaching Independent Study is a perfect fit for two people to go through the course on their own. To do so, watch the eight DVD sessions together and follow up by practicing the exercises in the workbook with each other. You'll gain a significant, authentic, growth-centered friendship while you learn to coach!

    The trainer for these sessions. Tony Stoltzfus makes the learning process easy and fun. He'll explain a particular skill in the coaching process, then demonstrate it for you in a live, unrehearsed conversation with a real coachee. The best way to get the cadence of coaching is to watch a master coach at work--and Tony brings thousands of hours of experience working with ministry leaders to the table.

    For more information on the included resources, view the descriptions of the Peer Coaching DVD Set or the Peer Coaching Workbook.

    Table of Contents

    The Peer Coaching Independent Study Package provides eight sessions of coach training, as well as a structure to help you develop an authentic, accountable peer coaching relationship. Sessions are as follows:
    • Session 1: Growing Toward Your Destiny
    • Session 2: The Coaching Approach
    • Session 3: Building Authentic Relationships
    • Session 4: The Covenant Life
    • Session 5: Aiming for the Mark--Change Goals
    • Session 6: Taking Action
    • Session 7: Coaching Your Peer
    • Session 8: Energy for Change

    About the Author

    Your trainer for these sessions, Tony Stoltzfus, is a master coach with years of experience working with ministry leaders and a coach trainer who has trained hundreds of professional Christian coaches.