Gregory Bland


    Pro-Active Parent Coaching

    Forward by Tony Stoltzfus
    174 pages
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    Coaching is an incredibly powerful model for Christian parenting--it is almost a requirement for teens and adult children. This book is a manual for how to apply the coaching approach in your relationships with your kids. It's full of sample coaching dialogues, exercises to practice and real feedback from young people about the impact of coaching on their lives. Author and coach Greg Bland shows how valuing your children's hearts through listening and asking questions can make a world of difference in your relationships. And he illustrates it with real stories from coaching his own family.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Coaching: A Natural Approach to Parenting
    2. What is Pro-active Parent Coaching?
    3. Cooperating with Your Children's Natural Growth Patterns Pt. I
    4. Cooperating with Your Children's Natural Growth Patterns Pt. II
    5. The Power of Responsibility and the Profit of Pain
    6. Supporting Relationship through Understanding
    7. Connecting
    8. Asking
    9. Listening
    10. Clarifying
    11. The Model in Action
    12. Transitioning from Supporting Relationship to Supporting Growth
    13. Exploring Possibilities
    14. Accessing Desire
    15. Securing Commitment
    16. Encouraging Progress

    About the Author

    Greg Bland has actively served in ministry for over 25 years, in children's and youth ministry as well as a senior pastor and church planter. Greg received his coach training through a collaborative effort of the Western Ontario District of the P.A.O.C. and Tony Stoltzfus of Coach22. His volunteer experience in primary and secondary schools as well as parenting his own three children has given him a passion to see health within family relationships.

    Greg's strong conviction is that parents are the best coaches for their children, and that the coach approach is a key to successful parenting. This conviction fueled his desire to write and develop the Pro-Active Parent Coaching model to equip parents to connect with and empower their children.

    Greg, Lynn, Katelyn, Hannah and Joshua moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario in the summer of 2009 and reside in the beautiful community of Pleasantville. Some of their family hobbies include hiking, camping, fishing, motorcycling, and volunteering at a local farm.

    Reader Feedback

    "As I have read and reread the concepts of this book, I can't help but be changed in my attitudes and awareness of how I am interacting and responding to my own teenaged child. It is a gift from God that is right now helping to shape our conversations in the midst of some very serious, life-altering decisions. I am realizing how crucial my supportive questions are to the health and direction of my daughter's choices and actions. It's not the easiest course I have taken, but it is by far the most effective."
    Connie DelaMorandiere

    "Greg provides tremendous insight to the fact that children are not seeking independence from their parents' as we sometimes think, but rather from our limiting parenting style! This is a significant breakthrough concept for parenting. Greg's practical advice makes connecting with your child realistic and attainable. This book is backed with biblical insights that will save and strengthen your relationship. A must read for all parents no matter the age of your child." Nick & Michelle Allaire, 2 children

    "This is a marvelous tool for parents that I wish I had read when my children were young. As a mother of two adult sons, and with a background in social work/psychology, I had come some ways toward this approach to parenting (as opposed to the child-rearing practices of my parents' generation), but I could certainly have benefited from the clear guidelines Greg gives us in the coaching model. I feel this will be a blessing to any family where these principles are applied!
    Lynn Quinn, BSW mother of 2 adult children