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    Questions for Jesus Game (Gift Edition)


    The Questions for Jesus Game makes heart-level encounters with Jesus fun! And this Gift Edition includes a beautiful clear acrylic cube case you can set out for friends and family members to discover.

    To play the game, simply ask Jesus a question, listen for one minute, and then get ready to be surprised and delighted as everyone shares the touching, amazing and surprisingly revelatory things Jesus says! You'll have no trouble hearing, because you are asking him about the very thing he most wants to talk about: your relationship with him. You'll ask questions like:

    • "Jesus, what is heaven giving me a standing ovation for today?"
    • "What do you remember about the day I gave my heart to you?"
    • "How is a hug in heaven better than one on earth?"
    • "Jesus, what do you tell the angels that you like about me?"

    The four categories of questions (200 questions in all) offer hours of fun and connection. They are Desire Fulfilled, For Kids, Offbeat, and Heaven. This game is a great fit for parties with a purpose, small group icebreakers (that aren't lame!), conversation-starters or for use at the dinner table in place of a rote mealtime prayer.

    The Questions for Jesus approach is based on one simple but profound idea: the thing Jesus is most interested in talking to us about is our relationship. He is our fiancé, and his idea of a good conversation is one that focuses on us and our future together (lover talk) instead of what we are doing for him (business talk). Because when you are engaged to be married, gazing into each other's eyes and experiencing your hearts connecting is much more compelling than planning who will do the chores! For more information on the Questions for Jesus approach, including videos showing it in action, visit Our YouTube Channel.

    NOTE: Choose your option: This Gift Box Edition comes with a clear acrylic display case, or you can save $9 for the game cards only in a printed cardboard tuck box.

    About the Author

    Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus is the author of a dozen books and an expert on how God shapes human hearts. He is known for an authentic, experiential training style with plenty of interaction. Tony offers leadership and coach training through Leadership MetaFormation in Redding, California.

    Reader Feedback

    "Jesus and I kicked off a brand-new season of better communication and connectedness."

    "I met the Jesus who just wants to talk to me... the chatty Jesus."
    From England

    "What an amazing experience it is to ask Jesus these questions!"

    "I take one question a day to meditate and converse with Jesus. I am so thankful for the breakthroughs I have had with the Lord as a result.""