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    Relating from the Heart Workshop

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    Relating from the Heart begins with the relationships of heaven, as you experience personal audiences with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in our powerful Taste of Heavenencounter. Then you'll learn how to relate from the heart here on earth, by taking common tools like feedback, debriefing, conflict and more, and rethinking them in terms of desire and belief instead of just outward behavior. For instance, our innovative Positive Challenge coaching tools provide an amazing way to do conflict by calling people to their best instead of trying to protect yourself from their worst. 

    What You'll Learn

    • The Positive Challenge approach to conflict
    • Seven powerful coaching tools for helping people see things they don't see
    • A debriefing model called RED that helps teams learn twice as much from the experiences you are already having
    • How to engage feedback from the heart
    • How to create a culture of feedback
    • Affirmation tools that will greatly increase the impact of encouragement by targeting it at the heart

    What's Included

    This intensive course includes everything listed below:

    • A 3.5-day workshop experience that uses learning games, demos, hands-on practice and debriefing to create an fantastic learning environment
    • A personal 360 assessment with debriefing to get you real-life feedback
    • A maximum of 32 participants means you get lots of instructor contact and opportunity for significant relationships
    • Our signature "Taste of Heaven" encounter uses actors, dance, staging, lighting,  original music written just for this event, and more to launch your journey to the heart
    • Eight weekly follow-up sessions with your cohort of four teammates to help you put what you are learning into practice
    • A professionally-printed workshop manual 


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