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    The Invitation Bundle

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    This discount bundle includes two key books that teach you the foundational skills of the Encounter Coaching Method:

    The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled is a rich how-to book on coaching the heart, filled with exercises, sample coaching dialogs, examples, tools, and real-life stories that bring each technique to life. Covering everything from the heart model to drilling down to desire to creating action steps that transform your inner world, this book is the perfect starting point for learning to coach the heart. Click on the link above for a full description.

    Questions for Jesus introduces the simple skill at the heart of Encounter Coaching: asking Jesus questions about desire and hearing him reply. Written in a devotional style, this book will teach you the faith you need to see transforming encounters happen for your clients by experiencing them daily yourself, in your own conversation with Jesus. Click on the link above for a full description.

    Table of Contents

    The Invitation

    Section I: Change Jesus' Way
       Chapter 1: Jesus, the Desire-Filler
       Chapter 2: God of the Flatlanders
       Chapter 3: The Hidden Realm of Desire
    Section II: Knowing the Heart
       Chapter 4: How the Heart Works
       Chapter 5: Discovering Your Desires
       Chapter 6: True and Twisted Desires
    Section III: Transforming the Heart
       Chapter 7: The Desire-Filling Encounter
       Chapter 8: Living from Desire
       Chapter 9: Unmasking the Two Guardians
       Chapter 10: Changing Beliefs
       Chapter 11: Leaning In to the Process
       Appendix A: The Coaching Approach
       Appendix B: Additional Resources

    About the Author

    Tony Stoltzfus is a master coach and trainer, author of 10 books and an expert on the ways of God with the human heart. After experiencing deep suffering and betrayal in his own life, and meeting Jesus in it, he helps leaders become aware of their own hearts and find life in meeting Jesus there. Tony offers training in heart engaging and transformational leadership through The Leadership MetaFormation Institute in Redding, California.

    Reader Feedback

    "...we are walking through the book and just taking time to let God speak to us (I'm having the students journal and write essays about what Jesus says to them and how He answers their questions). The results have been amazing! Each week there is a line at the end of class of students waiting to share with me what Jesus' said to them, many of which have stated this is the first time they have actually had a conversation with Him in which He spoke back!"

    "I have several of your books and regularly implement what you teach into my coaching sessions. Keep up the great work and be encouraged that you are making Kingdom impact!"