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    Tony Stoltzfus - Coaching Foundations Bundle


    Get 15% off on six popular titles from well-known author and coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus:

    Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach

    320 pages
    In-Depth Coaching Review
    Free Chapter

    Leadership Coaching is the most practical, thorough how-to book available for learning the fundamentals of Christian coaching or elevating your coaching skills. The abundance of must-have tools and models are illustrated with stories drawn from Tony's long coaching experience, sample coaching dialogs, activation exercises and more to bring them to life.

    Part I is an in-depth look at the biblical basis of the coaching approach and how coaching expresses a part of the character of God. Part II is a hands-on guide to the most-used coaching skills, arranged around the "coaching funnel" model of a coaching conversation. The in-depth treatment of each step is interspersed with Master Class sections with many examples and exercises to train you to use the material effectively.

    Leadership Coaching Live!

    Four hours of coaching demos on four audio CDs
    In-Depth Coach's Review
    Listen to a Sample Track

    Often the coaching rhythm is better caught than taught. Leadership Coaching Live! let's you listen in to a master coach at work, and experience how a great coach listens, crafts questions out of the client's responses and more. This companion to the book, Leadership Coaching demonstrates the key coaching skills in the coaching funnel conversational model, with each demo followed by an insightful debriefing on what was covered. This eight-session audio series was recorded live.

    Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills

    100 pages, Large Format
    In-Depth Coaching Book Review
    Read a Sample Section

    Coaching Questions is a go-to reference to the art of asking--one that often ends up dog-eared from use! It includes over 1000, examples of incisive coaching questions, arranged around dozens of coaching tools and techniques. Read a brief explanation of each technique, and then see a dozen questions you can use when employing it. This book covers conversational models, goals, exploration, options, obstacles and more, then moves on to advanced skills like coaching decisions, reframing strategies or working with tolerations (click here to view the Table of Contents). One of the (if not the) top-selling coaching how-to's of the last decade, Coaching Questions belongs on the shelf of every coach.

    The Master Coach Series

    Three CDs with three hours of audio + handouts
    Listen to a Sample Session

    Listening to the three separate coaching CDs in the Master Coach Series is the perfect way to improve your asking technique and expand your question repertoire. Each of the three discs features input on several advanced techniques, followed by live demonstrations of that skill by a highly experienced coach, who then discusses what he did to help you understand the flow of the coaching conversation. Also included are handouts of powerful questions and actual transcripts of all the questions the coach asked in the demos. The three discs are:

    1. Powerful Questions: Changing Perspective: Reframing techniques for getting your client's new perspective
    2. Powerful Questions: Problem Solving the Coaching Way: Several powerful techniques for generating solutions without giving advice.
    3. Powerful Questions: Coaching Visionaries: Tools for working with dreamers and visionaries to help them succeed.

    About the Author

    Tony Stoltzfus is the founder of Coach22.com and a long-time pioneer in the Christian coaching field. Author of numerous books and coach training courses, he currently leads Leadership MetaFormation, a training school that teaches the Encounter Coaching method of bringing Jesus directly into the coaching conversation. Tony lives in Northern California with his wife Kathy and their neurotic dog, Promise. Click Here to see all of Tony's books and resources.