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The Questions of Jesus

by John Dear
135 pages, softcover
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"The most frequently asked question in all four Gospels," writes author John Dear, "is perhaps the most beautiful: 'What do you want me to do for you?' With this question, we discover not so much a God who demands to be waited on, but a God who is eager to serve." If you want to learn more about questions from Jesus himself, this book will help take you on that quest. It arranges 125 questions of Jesus in 19 categories, and then provides a meditation on the meaning of each. For a coach, just having the list of questions is worth the price of the book. It also serves up occasional nuggets like Richard Rohr's observation in the introduction that Jesus only directly answers three of the 183 questions that he himself is asked." Fascinating.

John Dear is a priest, retreat leader, author, and peace activist, who draws from experiences such as serving as Red Cross coordinator for chaplains for families after the 9/11 attack. The meditations on each question focus on topics like justice, love, forgiveness and non-violence. If you come from a conservative or evangelical stream, this book can also be a good challenge to look into parts of Jesus message that are probably heard less often in your world. Price $12.95

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The Questions of Jesus - Details

by John Dear
306 pages

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This illuminating examination of the Gospels reveals how the questions Jesus asks of his followers lead the way to a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and the mystery of God.

The Gospels are filled with stories, parables, miracles, commandments, and dramatic incidents that trace Jesus’ life and recount his teachings. A close reading of the Gospels reveals, however, that they are also filled with questions. As John Dear points out in this remarkable book, Jesus “has a question for everyone he meets, for every occasion, for every experience, for every potential disciple.” Dear uses these questions as a starting point, an invitation to readers to discover the lessons they contain by searching their own hearts and minds for answers.

Throughout The Questions of Jesus, Dear interweaves insights from ethical and religious teachers ranging from Buddha to Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr. to help readers reflect deeply on what Jesus is asking.

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Table of Contents

The questions are arranged in 19 categories:

  • Invitiation
  • Identity
  • Purity of Heart
  • Conversion
  • Love
  • Healing
  • Vision
  • Compassion
  • The Meaning of Life
  • The Reign of God
  • God's Generosity
  • Faith
  • Truth
  • Understanding
  • Obedinece
  • Discipleship
  • Arrest and Trial
  • The Cross
  • The Resurrection