Relationship- and Marriage coaching are important niches for coaching professionals. The books and resources below will help you get started and get more effective.
Marriage Coaching

Heart, Hope and Skills for a Great Relationship

by Jeff and Jill Williams
Foreword by Tony Stoltzfus
212 pages, softcover
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Combining years as marriage coaches with an extensive background in counseling and therapy, Jeff and Jill Williams’ book, Marriage Coaching: Heart, Hope & Skills for a Great Relationship is a resource that can breathe new life into a struggling marriage, or serve as a must-have resource for those interested in coaching other couples to a better relationship.

Within its pages, Jeff and Jill show exactly what marriage coaching is, explain what it means to have your marriage as the client, lay out the essential ingredients for your marriage to be great and give the practical steps on how to coach your marriage. This fresh approach to building and sustaining a great marriage relationship is followed by practical instruction in the heart and skills needed in the areas of effective listening, goal setting, and support, encouragement and accountability. A bonus chapter on Crisis Management is included at the end of the book for those relationships needing immediate help.

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Understanding Me Understanding You
by Wendy Crawford
160 pages

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Want a basic understanding of how to apply the DISC profile results to your relationships?
This book begins by laying out the case for the DISC, and our need to better understand what motivates us and others, with some great statistics on teenagers feeling misunderstood by their families; a chapter that differentiates between your heavenly persona and earthly person and a chapter that details what motivates your earthly person. This is an excellent tool for the person who is new to the DISC profile or needs to understand how to take the DISC and apply it to their relationships at home or work.

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Bringing Coaching to the Church

by Tony Stoltzfus

Coaching has enough of a buzz surrounding it that it seems to be cropping up all over the place in today’s church. While that’s exciting news, it also means that people are being called “coaches” when they aren’t even sure what coaching really is. How exactly do you define “coaching”, how do you distinguish it from mentoring or discipling, and how do you get those differences across to people in your church?

First, it helps to have a good working definition of coaching. One line I often use is, “Coaching is the discipline of helping people grow without telling them what to do.” I use that definition to distinguish it from the “telling” mode most of us minister in. Another way to define coaching is to reference the image of a personal trainer. “Pro athletes have a personal trainer to help them maximize their athletic performance. Having a coach is like having a personal trainer for every area of your life.” This is a good image to use to help people see the benefits of coaching.

It also helps to contrast coaching with other disciplines...

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TableTopics: Dinner Party
Questions to Start Great Conversations
4" Acrylic Cube, 135 cards
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Check out the Family version, too!

Here's a great conversational game for sharing with friends--or the coach in your life! Each TableTopics set includes 135 question cards in a sleek acrylic cube. Use these ice-breaker questions to liven up a party, foster significant conversations, or just have fun. Pick a card, ask the question and let the conversation begin!

The Dinner Party Set is perfect for breaking the ice and getting your guests sharing and laughing with each other.

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Desire Discovery Cards
by Tony Stoltzfus
54 cards, instruction booklet, case
Downloadable Instructions
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This fun self-discovery tool helps people identify and describe their feelings and follow those emotions to key memories, beliefs and core desires. It's a great way to stimulate enjoyable, authentic conversation. Housed in a transparent case, the set includes:

  • 16 - Emotion Cards, describing eight positive and eight negative feelings
  • 16 - Desire Cards, each describing a core desire
  • 16 - Twisted Desire Cards, showing how true desires look when distorted
  • 6 - Question Cards, used to help players connect with desires, emotions, memories and beliefs
A 16-page instruction booklet includes 10 games and exercises for use in groups, team-building or one-on-one coaching.
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Jealous of Your Beauty DVD
by Tony Stoltzfus
Video, 25 minutes
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Why does the enemy spend so much effort trying to tell women they are not beautiful? Why is he so invested in creating an impossible body image and tearing women down when they don't match up to it? Why do so many women struggle with feeling beautiful and desirable? The answer will surprise you!

In this short teaching video, Tony Stoltzfus reveals the motive behind this war on women and shows how you can fight back--or even laugh at it!

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Authentic Coaching Relationships
by Tony Stoltzfus
50 minutes audio + handouts
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In this Christian coach training audio CD, coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus shows how to build authentic coaching relationships with those you coach (and with everyone else you meet!) Starting with the idea that an authentic relationship is only one conversation away, Tony shows how to use stories to go deep quickly. The disc covers the two fundamental paradigms of authenticity, four principles of authentic story-telling, different types of life stories you can use while coaching, authenticity exercises and more. It's a great way to build relationship coaching skills during your "drive time" in the car. The teachings provide training in core skills in enhanced CD format that includes handouts and free articles as well as audio handouts and free articles as well as audio!

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What If?
by Jimetta Mayne
24 pages, hardback, color
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I liked the coaching approach of this children's books so much that I am partnering with the author to write another! By putting your children's names right into the story to make them part of it, and providing open questions the kids answer themselves, Jimetta has created a unique children's story that empowers kids to think creatively and find solutions. Its a great way to bring coaching values into the way you parent young children.

Written by an adept storyteller and illustrated with gorgeous original artwork, this full-color hardback will be one your kids or grandkids look forward to reading.

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