Relationship and marriage coaching are important niches for coaching professionals, including working with children, coaching teens, young marrieds, and coaching dating couples. These books and resources will help you get started and get more effective in Christian relationship coaching.
Marriage Coaching

Heart, Hope and Skills for a Great Relationship

by Jeff and Jill Williams
Foreword by Tony Stoltzfus
212 pages, softcover
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Combining years as marriage coaches with an extensive background in counseling and therapy, Jeff and Jill Williams’ book, Marriage Coaching: Heart, Hope & Skills for a Great Relationship is a resource that can breathe new life into a struggling marriage, or serve as a must-have resource for those interested in coaching other couples to a better relationship.

Within its pages, Jeff and Jill show exactly what marriage coaching is, explain what it means to have your marriage as the client, lay out the essential ingredients for your marriage to be great and give the practical steps on how to coach your marriage. This fresh approach to building and sustaining a great marriage relationship is followed by practical instruction in the heart and skills needed in the areas of effective listening, goal setting, and support, encouragement and accountability. A bonus chapter on Crisis Management is included at the end of the book for those relationships needing immediate help.

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pro-active parent coaching by Gregory Bland
Pro-Active Parent Coaching
Capturing the Heart of Your Child
by Gregory Bland
Forward by Tony Stoltzfus
174 pages
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This wonderfully-practical manual shows how to apply the coaching approach to Christian parenting. It's filled with examples of coaching conversations between parents and children, practice exercises and feedback from young people about how the using the coaching approach has impacted them. Author Greg Bland explains how valuing your kids' hearts through listening and asking can completely transform your relationships with them. Written by a coach who has actually done this in his own family, this book doesn't just tell you about parent coaching: it trains you to do it.

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Why Parents Need Coaching Skills

The parenting style you use needs to change with each stage your kids go through. When you're raising babies, you do things for them: feed them, put them to bed, change them, burp them. A bit older and you switch to a directive style: instead of carrying them to bed, you walk them to the bedroom, or tell them, "No!" when they play too close to the street.

A few more years and you've taught them to go to bed on their own. They know the rules and boundaries and can apply them to different situations. You show them how to do something and expect them to do it on their own--that's mentoring. You've moved from doing for through directingto mentoring. Each step gives the child more autonomy and responsibility.

For teens, parents need to move from mentoring to coaching them through the process of making their own decisions and reflect on the consequences of their actions. However, many parents lack these crucial coaching tools. Staying too long in a directive or mentoring (imparting wisdom) parenting style often stirs up resistance or rebellion from teens who want to grow up instead of being told. Learning to ask, listen and draw out a teen's heart makes the teen years much more fun and productive for everyone!

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What If? a children's coaching book by Jimetta Mayne
What If?
by Jimetta Mayne
24 pages, hardback, color
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This book is a first--a Christian children's book that uses coaching questions to draw out your kids. I love it! By putting your children's names right into the story to make them part of it, and providing open questions the kids answer themselves, Jimetta has created a unique children's story that empowers kids to think creatively and find solutions. Its a great way to bring coaching values into the way you parent young children.

Written by an adept storyteller and illustrated with gorgeous original artwork, this full-color hardback will be one your kids or grandkids look forward to reading over and over--because the story they create will be different every time!

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Courageously Brave: Adventures with Grandma Metta
by Jimetta Mayne
24 pages, hardback, color
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Following her first children’s book, What If? Jimetta Mayne delivers another Adventure with Grandma Metta in Courageously Brave. The author applies her heart coaching skills as she addresses negative emotions that block her grandchildren’s desires for freedom and peace. One by one she gives them the opportunity to articulate their fears, note their choices, and step in the direction of faith.

Written by adept storyteller, Jimetta Mayne, and illustrated with gorgeous original artwork, this full-color hardback will be one your children or grandchildren will look forward to reading.

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