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Five great small group coaching titles from authors like Bill Donahue, Tony Stoltzfus and Randall Neighbor. Here's a list of what's included:

Coaching Life Changing Small Group Leaders

A Practical Guide for Those Who Lead and Shepherd Small Group Leaders
by Bill Donahue and Greg Bowman
135 pages

This book from Willow Creek Church (they have tons of small groups) provides helpful info for lay coaches on topics like:

  1. Modeling lordship to those you coach and lead
  2. The tools you need for coaching
  3. Coaching leaders to spiritual growth
  4. developing leaders around you
Think of this offering as a practical application guide for how to apply the asking techniques in coaching to walking with small group leaders. You'll appreciate the tools, examples and practical hints this book has to offer, especially if you function in a Willow Creek-style "church of small groups."

A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups

by Randall Neighbour
95 pages

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If you have a small group system, this is the book you give to all your coaches! In this quick read, Randall Neighbour of Touch Outreach Ministries illustrates how to build effective relationships between small group leaders and their coaches. This pocket guide provides excellent tips for time management, preventing burnout, investing in leaders for maximum impact, and the role of the coach in developing new leaders. If your coaches embrace the simple principles found in this book, they will become the kind of coach that makes small group ministry a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

Leadership Coaching

The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach
by Tony Stoltzfus
320 pages

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Leadership Coaching is the best practical how-to-coach book available for small group coaches. Written by a top Christian coach trainer, it is filled with real-life stories, practical tools and application exercises that bring coaching techniques to life. An invaluable facet of this book is that it separates out coaching, mentoring and supervision and focuses exclusively on the skill of coaching.

Part I is an in-depth look at how coaching fits with the purposes of God. Part II uses a hands-on, interactive approach to show you how to coach. Utilizing the seven key elements of effective coaching as a framework, each facet of the coaching relationship is explained in detail. Then follow-up Master Class sections provide exercises and activations that help you internalize the key concepts and try them out in real life.

Powerful Questions: Problem Solving

by Tony Stoltzfus
4 Audio Sessions (65 minutes) plus handouts in Enhanced CD format

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Powerful Questions: Problem Solving teaches you three useful coaching techniques for helping people develop solutions to their own problems, instead of telling them what to do yourself. Learn to help others visualize their ideal future to remove the limitations of the present, use the obstacle approach to tackle what still stands in their way, and then take brainstorming to the level of the heart by examining the values and beliefs behind a course of action.

How to Ask Great Questions

by Karen Lee Thorp
71 pages

This short, practical volume written for small group leaders offers a huge helping of useful tips and techniques for constructing great questions. It is focused on small group discussion times and how to lead them well, and touches on many of the bread and butter coaching techniques: asking open and closed questions, employing probing questions to draw out information, asking about what's most significant, and drawing inner thoughts and true feelings out of people.

The best thing about this book is that it gives you example after example of creating well-crafted questions for a given scenario. Any coach or small group leader can benefit from having this handy volume. $66.92   $56.99 On Sale! You Save