Soaking worship music by Julie True

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Spirit to Spirit by Julie True

by Julie True
Soaking Worship Audio CD

Peace and healing come from soaking in God’s Presence. As we are saturated with His love it draws us to him, and we become conscious of how near he is to us. Spirit to Spirit takes you on that journey to presence, as soaking worship artist Julie True weaves together a tapestry of original melodies that transport you to the throne of God.

Spirit to Spirit has a meditative, airy sound that helps you create your own conversation with God. Nothing intrudes or distracts from you and God--you simple soak in the presence--and that is what makes Julie a great partner in your meeting with God. Price $14.99

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Video Review

Table of Contents

  1. Spirit to Spirit
  2. More Joy
  3. Thank You
  4. Eternal Love
  5. Peace Be Still
  6. He Who Dwells
  7. The Essence
  8. Butterfly
  9. Light of Heaven
  10. Angels are Playing
  11. God's Perpetual Dance

About the Author

Julie True is called to “infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing”, as she puts it. She and her husband Virgil attend Grace Center in Franklin, TN, where she leads the Soaking Worship Ministry. Julie has four children.