Growing Healthy Churches

growing healthy churchesSeveral years ago in a land far away (Germany) there lived a man named Christian Schwarz. Christian was a dedicated Christian who had gone to the best schools, and was absolutely committed to seeing the church reach her full potential in Christ. He decided to travel the globe to discover what really made healthy churches . Although many church growth studies focused on quantity (what made churches big), Christian decided to focus on quality. Many people doubted that he could objectively determine quality in a church. But feeling called of God, he set forth. He learned why growing healthy churches is so important. Continue reading “Growing Healthy Churches”

On-Line Coaching Resources

We all use the internet in one way or another (even if just for e-mail), but are you making the most of it as a coach? Below are some of the best on-line coaching resources available for networking, small group coaching, information, tools and resources, and more.

The Christian Coaches Network ( is the largest on-line coaching resourcesgathering of Christian coaches on-line, with some good basic coaching info as well as links to a lot of books and on-line coaching resources by Christian Coaches. Most training schools have membership sites: for instance, PCCCA sponsors a Christian life coaching club at The ICF ( is the secular coaching standards body — they have links to news articles on coaching, plus sections on coaching ethics, core competencies and more. The Christian Coaching SIG (special interest group) from Coach U ( features resource pages plus regular free bridge calls with interesting speakers on coaching topics. Continue reading “On-Line Coaching Resources”

Perseverance is an Art

perseveranceThere comes a time in every leader’s life when they just wonder why. “Why am I doing this? Why am I putting up with all this conflict? Why do I keep “hitting my head against this wall? Why did I ever think I was supposed to do this?” What’s the point of perseverance in this situation? Do any of those questions sound familiar to you?

As a Christian leader, do you ever find yourself questioning your call? “Did I really hear God in this? If I did, where is He now? I feel so incredibly alone. This vision has become a ten-ton weight on my head. Nobody else seems to get it.” Continue reading “Perseverance is an Art”