Leadership Development

leadership developmentLeadership development directly impacts the effectiveness of our organizations, churches, non-profits, governments, and businesses alike is directly related to the quality of the leadership of those organizations. We probably know of few of those that are not in great need of more and better leaders. And with the Baby Boom generation retiring and being phased out, Peter Drucker said repeatedly over the last few years of his life that this demographic shift would certainly take this need to “crisis of leadership” proportions. Continue reading “Leadership Development”

Coaching Leadership Development: Theories X and Y

coaching leadership developmentAt first glance the title of this article, Theories X and Y seems to suggest that you might be reading about the difference between coaching women and men. This will not be the case!  I will present coaching leadership development theory.  At times, clients or organizations request some type of academic “proof” that we know what we are doing. The following article very briefly describes some theoretical concepts upon which coaching stands. Continue reading “Coaching Leadership Development: Theories X and Y”