Coaching People Out of Flatlander Thinking

flatlander thinkingYears ago I read a well-known book on the life of King David that really made an impact on me – just not one that I think the author intended! It was where I learned about living what I call “Flatlander Thinking.”

While David is probably my favorite Biblical character, I wasn’t getting much out of the book until I started to tune into the author’s point of view. Each incident in David’s life (such as his fling with Bathsheba) was carefully examined in terms of right and wrong choices and the fruit those choices bore. Then it hit me: there was no hint of any kind of developmental process in how David’s life was treated! Continue reading “Coaching People Out of Flatlander Thinking”

Encounter Coaching: When Jesus Steps into the Conversation

encounter coaching Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of coaches from the charismatic stream wrestle with the question of how to integrate coaching and the prophetic. They value both, but they don’t always mix very well. Prophecy is hearing God and telling someone what he said, but the coaching approach frowns on telling. So what’s a coach to do? Today I want to show you a simple yet quite powerful way to get the best of both: Encounter Coaching! Continue reading “Encounter Coaching: When Jesus Steps into the Conversation”

Questions for Jesus: Praying Prayers God Answers

Questions for JesusA few years back I made one simple change in the way I pray — asking Questions for Jesus — and my percentage of answered prayer went up about 1000%. After 35 years as a Christian, 25 as a ministry leader and 15 of coaching pastors about how to meet God (irony alert!), I was still asking Him all the wrong questions. When I finally figured out how to change the subject to what He wanted to talk about, it was like our communication went from snail mail to instant messaging—and got way more intimate and revelatory in the process. Continue reading “Questions for Jesus: Praying Prayers God Answers”

Coaching Around Hearing God

hearing godRevelation is about hearing God, and hearing God is a matter of faith. God rarely speaks so clearly that there is no possibility of doubt—to do so would compromise our free will. We see through a glass dimly because to see God in his fullness would completely overwhelm us. God has designed the world to work on the basis of faith because that’s the only way we can relate to an omnipotent God as free agents. Continue reading “Coaching Around Hearing God”