Feedback: Friend or Foe

“Let me give you some feedback.”

feedbackAnyone who’s heard this phrase in a staff meeting knows that these simple words are usually loaded with a punch. Unsolicited feedback is often interpreted as…”Here’s what I think you need to change” which can have the effect of a small land mine exploding in your lap. Those giving it are often well-intentioned—however those who are on the receiving end naturally become defensive and skeptical. Continue reading “Feedback: Friend or Foe”

Feedback Should Be a Part of Your Diet

feedback part of dietWhat did you have for breakfast today? Someone once said that feedback was the breakfast of champions. (Incidentally, if you know who that someone was, I would love to get an email from you…I have been looking for the source of that quote for years.) Well, if this is true, why does it seem that so many people skip breakfast? Why are so many people resistant to receiving what others think of them? How about you? Is feedback a constant part of your diet? Continue reading “Feedback Should Be a Part of Your Diet”