Strategic Planning Tool: The Post-It-Note

strategic planning toolEarlier this year we looked at ways to help coach a ministry team to be more effective. When coaching a team, one of the challenges is to help each person on the team participate and yet keep the whole team moving in the same direction. We used the SWOT Analysis to take an honest look at the present situation. From there we used an APA Analysis to look forward and see where God is leading. Let’s look at another strategic planning tool.

Get ready to develop a strategic plan to reach the goals before us. The challenge of developing a plan with a group of people reminds us of the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” How can you facilitate a group to create a plan? Continue reading “Strategic Planning Tool: The Post-It-Note”

Goal Setting and Leadership

goal settingIn World War II, Winston Churchill referred to the actions of the Russian leadership when he said, “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside and enigma.” For many that describes how they feel about the leadership of the church today. Pastors, lay leaders, and parishioners struggle with the complexities and tensions of leading the church, both organizationally and spiritually, while unbelieving skeptics observe from afar. Goal setting can change that. Continue reading “Goal Setting and Leadership”

Coaching Leadership Development: Theories X and Y

coaching leadership developmentAt first glance the title of this article, Theories X and Y seems to suggest that you might be reading about the difference between coaching women and men. This will not be the case!  I will present coaching leadership development theory.  At times, clients or organizations request some type of academic “proof” that we know what we are doing. The following article very briefly describes some theoretical concepts upon which coaching stands. Continue reading “Coaching Leadership Development: Theories X and Y”