Coaching on the Fly

coaching on the flyA lot of coaching on the fly happens for me in the aisles at church, on airplanes, during phone calls with relatives, with casual business acquaintances, you name it. It’s a great way to change people’s lives, and if you are in business as a coach, it will also get you clients. I want to share some tips about how you can use your coaching skills to change people’s lives every day by coaching on the fly!

For instance, this past Sunday I had a significant coaching on the fly encounter with a guy at church between our two services. I asked about his business, since I knew he’d had a tough year with it, and as I focused on listening deeply to him, he began to share freely about it. A few questions helped him readjust his perspective toward God’s activity in what had happened. He went away encouraged and more ready to face his week—all in about 5 minutes of coaching. Continue reading “Coaching on the Fly”

Late-Life Transitions: How to Coach

late-life transitionsDuring the research I did for The Calling Journey (a book for life coaches on coaching transitions and the stages of Christian life purpose), one of the most interesting findings was how prevalent difficult late-life transitions were for mature leaders. Here are some common characteristics I observed:

  • Being ejected from a long-time role.
  • Loss of favor and influence and/or financial reverses.
  • Asking fundamental identity questions.
  • Wondering if this is all there is. Will I ever find the right place to fulfill my call?

Continue reading “Late-Life Transitions: How to Coach”