Feedback: Friend or Foe

“Let me give you some feedback.”

feedbackAnyone who’s heard this phrase in a staff meeting knows that these simple words are usually loaded with a punch. Unsolicited feedback is often interpreted as…”Here’s what I think you need to change” which can have the effect of a small land mine exploding in your lap. Those giving it are often well-intentioned—however those who are on the receiving end naturally become defensive and skeptical. Continue reading “Feedback: Friend or Foe”

Leading on Purpose: the Benefits

Christians who are leading on purpose have an incredible opportunity to help connect leading on purposepeople with their destiny. The deep yearning each individual has to know why they exist and why they are here, coupled with a life experience that offers more questions than answers, leaves a formidable emptiness. Many have tried to find their purpose within their career only to find that pouring hours into the organization has left them missing the mark. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 60% of Americans hate their job, 30% tolerate it, and 10% actually enjoy their work. It’s evident that very few find a sense of purpose in their career where they spend the majority of their time. Unfortunately, the statistics for family and marriage satisfaction are even more alarming. Continue reading “Leading on Purpose: the Benefits”

Coaching and God’s Revelation

god's revelation“Well, I’ve made a decision. I don’t think I can do this any more. So, I’ve decided to quit!” murmured Pastor Josh on the other end of the phone. Could this be God’s revelation to him?

His coach responded with empathy, “Wow, sounds like you’ve come to some serious conclusions.”

“Yes, after all that’s happened, I just can’t see how I can continue to pastor here. I’ve done all I can do and feel like it’s time…time to move on.” he sighs.

“You mentioned you just couldn’t see how you could continue. What would you need to see to stay?” his coach asked.

“At this point, a burning bush would work!” Both chuckle. Then the pastor responds again, “I guess I’m just not seeing any fruit in what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“What are you seeing Josh?” Continue reading “Coaching and God’s Revelation”

Strategic Planning Tool: The Post-It-Note

strategic planning toolEarlier this year we looked at ways to help coach a ministry team to be more effective. When coaching a team, one of the challenges is to help each person on the team participate and yet keep the whole team moving in the same direction. We used the SWOT Analysis to take an honest look at the present situation. From there we used an APA Analysis to look forward and see where God is leading. Let’s look at another strategic planning tool.

Get ready to develop a strategic plan to reach the goals before us. The challenge of developing a plan with a group of people reminds us of the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” How can you facilitate a group to create a plan? Continue reading “Strategic Planning Tool: The Post-It-Note”