Perseverance is an Art

perseveranceThere comes a time in every leader’s life when they just wonder why. “Why am I doing this? Why am I putting up with all this conflict? Why do I keep “hitting my head against this wall? Why did I ever think I was supposed to do this?” What’s the point of perseverance in this situation? Do any of those questions sound familiar to you?

As a Christian leader, do you ever find yourself questioning your call? “Did I really hear God in this? If I did, where is He now? I feel so incredibly alone. This vision has become a ten-ton weight on my head. Nobody else seems to get it.” Continue reading “Perseverance is an Art”

Coaching Transformation: Build People, Don’t Solve Problems

coaching transformation As coaches, we can choose to focus on becoming or on doing: on preparing people’s character for eternity or on making sure things are done right today.  In practical terms, we can build people or we can solve problems. Coaching transformation seeks to build people. This approach is a far more powerful method of producing leaders, and yields long-term results (in this life alone) that are orders of magnitude greater than merely solving problems. Continue reading “Coaching Transformation: Build People, Don’t Solve Problems”