Life Purpose

life purposeLife purpose is a rising movement that has been shaping the church over the last ten years and will be a major influence for the next generation. Just as the “visionary leadership” concept has been at the forefront of the way churches are led for the last season, the coming wave seems to be helping people to discover and fulfill their personal destiny. I believe God is continuing a move that began with the charismatic renewal two generations ago—unleashing and fully activating lay people, so that everyone in his body is a vital contributor to the Kingdom. Continue reading “Life Purpose”

Leading on Purpose: the Benefits

Christians who are leading on purpose have an incredible opportunity to help connect leading on purposepeople with their destiny. The deep yearning each individual has to know why they exist and why they are here, coupled with a life experience that offers more questions than answers, leaves a formidable emptiness. Many have tried to find their purpose within their career only to find that pouring hours into the organization has left them missing the mark. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 60% of Americans hate their job, 30% tolerate it, and 10% actually enjoy their work. It’s evident that very few find a sense of purpose in their career where they spend the majority of their time. Unfortunately, the statistics for family and marriage satisfaction are even more alarming. Continue reading “Leading on Purpose: the Benefits”

Coaching the Discipling Leader

discipling leaderFor a while now I have been using the term discipling leader, and I firmly believe it describes an idea that could change the church world. The simplest statement of the concept is this: Christian leaders in any ministry role inside or outside the church should have as one of their goals to strive to intentionally help others grow as disciples of Christ.

This is a concept that seems at first blush simple and obvious. In fact, in the business world it is becoming more accepted that leaders should continually invest significant time in developing other leaders. However, in reality the discipling leader idea is huge, complex, and daunting. Continue reading “Coaching the Discipling Leader”

Growing Healthy Churches

growing healthy churchesSeveral years ago in a land far away (Germany) there lived a man named Christian Schwarz. Christian was a dedicated Christian who had gone to the best schools, and was absolutely committed to seeing the church reach her full potential in Christ. He decided to travel the globe to discover what really made healthy churches . Although many church growth studies focused on quantity (what made churches big), Christian decided to focus on quality. Many people doubted that he could objectively determine quality in a church. But feeling called of God, he set forth. He learned why growing healthy churches is so important. Continue reading “Growing Healthy Churches”