Live Your Destiny: When Not To

live your destinyAs life coaches, we are all about helping people find and follow their God-given calling. It is easy for us to assume that to live your destiny  is a given — that God’s will is for every person (or at least every mature believer) to being doing what they were made to do.

So it may come as a surprise to hear that to live your destiny is often NOT the will of God for your life. It is vitally important for life coaches to be able to help clients discern the timing issues of life purpose instead of just assuming that an active pursuit of it is the right thing to do. Continue reading “Live Your Destiny: When Not To”

Feedback Should Be a Part of Your Diet

feedback part of dietWhat did you have for breakfast today? Someone once said that feedback was the breakfast of champions. (Incidentally, if you know who that someone was, I would love to get an email from you…I have been looking for the source of that quote for years.) Well, if this is true, why does it seem that so many people skip breakfast? Why are so many people resistant to receiving what others think of them? How about you? Is feedback a constant part of your diet? Continue reading “Feedback Should Be a Part of Your Diet”

Leadership Coaching

What does leadership coaching mean to you?  When most people think about leadership, an image of a person occupying positional leadership emerges. Usually a picture of their boss towering over them comes to mind and often thoughts on leadership immediately center on “Who is in charge around this place!” Leadership authority may be granted and authorized by organizations and institutions. A variety of challenges require decisions to be made by people with a specific knowledge and experience base. For example, when I go to the doctor’s office I want a competent medical professional to determine how to treat my case. Continue reading “Leadership Coaching”

Leadership Development

leadership developmentLeadership development directly impacts the effectiveness of our organizations, churches, non-profits, governments, and businesses alike is directly related to the quality of the leadership of those organizations. We probably know of few of those that are not in great need of more and better leaders. And with the Baby Boom generation retiring and being phased out, Peter Drucker said repeatedly over the last few years of his life that this demographic shift would certainly take this need to “crisis of leadership” proportions. Continue reading “Leadership Development”