Calling Journey: Coaching Life Stages and Transitions

Calling journeyThis month we’re going to focus in on coaching the calling journey — the life stages and transitions we go through as we move toward our ultimate call. Thinking of call as something we move toward in stages–the calling process–opens up all kinds of interesting opportunities for the life coach. Rather than coaching everyone to find and follow their destiny now, we tune into what stage the person is in and coach around God’s agenda for that stage. Continue reading “Calling Journey: Coaching Life Stages and Transitions”

Late-Life Transitions: How to Coach

late-life transitionsDuring the research I did for The Calling Journey (a book for life coaches on coaching transitions and the stages of Christian life purpose), one of the most interesting findings was how prevalent difficult late-life transitions were for mature leaders. Here are some common characteristics I observed:

  • Being ejected from a long-time role.
  • Loss of favor and influence and/or financial reverses.
  • Asking fundamental identity questions.
  • Wondering if this is all there is. Will I ever find the right place to fulfill my call?

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Life Meaning and Purpose: A Christian’s Pursuit

life meaning and purposeThe search for life meaning and purpose is as old as humanity itself. In some of his first words to mankind, God gave Adam and Eve a life mission: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it…” Our sense of purpose about life is rooted in the way we were made. We all have an instinctive yearning to do and be something, to make our lives count, to stand before our Creator and hear the words, “Well done” pronounced over our lives. Even before the fall, we were made to work, to steward and to shape our world.

When our basic life needs are met, at some point we all  turn toward the bigger life meaning questions. Who am I? Where can I find joy and fulfillment in life? What is my purpose? What does God want me to do with what he’s given me?
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